No Edge Crepe Maker - Health and Home

Don’t we all agree that we crave pancakes for breakfast? Imagine the soft bite melting in your mouth. Or imagine sweet and savory French crepes waiting for you to cherish their tangling flavor. Isn’t the feeling fascinating?

You must be thinking of a fancy food place or restaurant for these delicious dishes. No matter how delicious the food is, all of us think twice before spending our money on fancy food.

Restaurants can satisfy your appetite temporarily. If you do simple maths, you will see that you can buy a crepe maker machine with the money you spend on various restaurants. Why spend money on temporal solutions when you can invest in a permanent one?

Introducing the Health and Home No Edge Crepe Maker. Now you can shape and reshape your blissful thought of eating french crepes.


The Health and Home No Edge Crepe Maker is carefully designed to accomplish the perfect crepes at your home. Now, I hope you understand that every product available in the market comes with some advantages and disadvantages. That is why I am doing a review on this crepe maker for a better understanding. Let us focus on the features that it has to offer us.

Build Quality

The first and foremost qualifier for any machine or kitchen appliance would be its build quality. And as for this particular crepe maker, it indeed impressed me with its excellent build quality.

The Health and Home No Edge Crepe Maker is made from premium quality aluminum. The food-grade material that has been used to make the pan is totally safe.

I was pretty satisfied with the durability of this device.

Color and Design

If you want a stylish-looking crepe maker at your disposal, this specific machine will be your optimal choice. After all, who doesn’t like a modern kitchen?

The Health and Home No Edge Crepe Maker provides you a modern look and creative design that enhances your kitchen’s beauty.

It comes in two different colors, black and silver.

What I liked the most about its design is the no edge cooking plate. Honestly speaking, I loved the creative touch in it. It might seem challenging to cook on the no-edge plate, but I recommend you try this. Once you get habituated enough, you will enjoy your cooking session with this machine.

Power and control

The secret to perfect crepes is optimal temperature control. If you can cook your crepe at the desired temperature, the crepe’s inside becomes perfectly cooked. For this purpose, this crepe maker presents you with its 1000 watts quick operation for your busy mornings. Even the machine has a temperature-controlling knob that lets you control the temperature for a better experience.

When I was a beginner, I used to try crepes at a high flame and high temperature. And my crepes used to be overcooked from the outside and raw from the inside. I faced that because I could not control the temperature. Thankfully, that is not a problem for this machine. You get an efficient temperature control knob. Hence, your crepes are not burnt.

Larger cooking pan

You do not want your crepes to be super small, do you? To avoid this issue, you need to consider the cooking plate’s size because it ensures a perfect-sized crepe. The Health and Home No Edge Crepe Maker comes with a 13-inch cooking plate sufficient for family purposes. Well, you can cook an army dinner if you want!

Easy to clean

It is a universal truth that we all become exhausted when cleaning and maintaining appliances. Perhaps the most tiresome job is that of cleaning. And congratulations if your batter is stuck with the pan! You get to spend a century scraping and removing the dirt!

But thanks to the non-stick coating of the cooking pan, it does not stick the batter to it. You can clean it effortlessly. That means now your cooking experiment is not a mess anymore.

Tools added

Another feature that I liked about this crepe maker is the tools included with it. The package comes with a 12-inch long spatula. Since flipping the crepe is necessary for even cooking, the spatula helps you fold and flip it. Also, the manufacturers have included a batter spreader in order to obtain a fine and thin crepe.

Your job is to spread the batter with the spreader so that the crepe is thin.


What if the crepe maker you planned to buy is an ultra pro maker? Meaning, if it is too expensive, what will you do? Will your desire to eat French crepes remain unfulfilled? Are you really going to give up on electric crepe makers?

Hey, not so fast! If you want a durable machine with a comfortable price tag, you must go for the Health and Home No Edge Crepe Maker. It comes on a pocket-friendly budget for your comfort. So, it does justice to its price through the features.




What can I use instead of a crepe pan?

You can use a steel pan for cooking crepes. Make sure the pan has a heavy bottom.

What happens if you don’t let the crepe batter rest?

The secret to melt-in-the-mouth crepes is to let the batter sit. It helps the flour to be soaked in the liquid thoroughly. So, if you do not allow the batter to rest, you may find your crepes rubbery.

Are crepes just thin pancakes?

Not really. Pancake batter has a raising agent in it, while the crepe batter does not need any fluff. But, if you consider the ingredients, it is more or less the same.

Final Words

Now that you have had a firm knowledge and idea about the Health and Home No Edge Crepe Maker, I guess you have already decided whether to pick it or not. But here, I am going to share my personal experience with the crepe maker with you. To be honest, I have not found any single disadvantage of the crepe maker. It is so helpful that I can enjoy anything and everything in my breakfast. Hence, I’ll obviously recommend this crepe maker. After all, you cannot get a better crepe maker than it in this budget, can you?