Mason Jar Lids with Hole

Author : Efrain Silva

Is a mason jar lid hole actually safe?

Well, it all depends on what we mean by ‘safe’ here, my friends. If, by safe, we imply, ‘healthy’, then it’s not the healthiest bet, by far. Why is that? It’s simply because these lid holes, and the lids surrounding them, by default, tend to contain BPA, a toxic element found in countless plastics today. And if, by safe, we mean, the liquid won’t spill out, it is likewise unsafe, once again, as the hole cannot typically be blocked, in full, even if you manage to occupy some leftover space by moving the straw around in place.

How would you punch a hole in a mason jar lid?

This one is easy to do, on most lids, and you can either use an electric drill (which is, by far, the easiest method, if you take my personal advice) or you can even use a metal puncher, the other end of a hammer, or something sharp and metallic to gradually, carefully (key word here — don’t lose a finger for being clumsy) to punch in the hole. If the lid is of softer material, such as plastic, then it should be even easier to do.

How do you make such lids with straw holes?

Make the hole first. Then, as for the size of the hole you made, make an estimate, or simply take the jar and its lid with you to a Lowe’s and see if you can make a straw fit in of that size (or see if such straws of that size are already available for purchase, which even come with a rubber washer - type ring surrounding the straw, which then goes down and covers the hole as well).

Is a mason jar lid, in general, reusable?

This all boils down, for many, to whether or not they feel comfortable reusing their own canning lids at home, over and over again. And while opinions may vary on it, it all depends on how you feel. I wish we could provide you with a firm ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, but it’s up to you. So, technically, yes, you can reuse it, but once again, this depends on the material you made the lid from, in the first place, and if you’re comfortable reusing it often. I really hope that helps!

How many times can you reuse a mason jar lid, if we’re being brutally honest?

Now, this falls back to the previous question, but let me further expand on it for a bit. Assuming you do feel fine reusing the lid, and have no issues with it whatsoever, then it comes down to how many times you’d feel comfortable repeatedly doing so. Note this fact : The more you use it, the harder it may get for it to seal properly, over time. This can make it easier for liquid to spill out, for instance, if you’re carrying the mason jar and its lid in a backpack.