Rice Cooker How To Choose - Which To Buy

Author: Efrain Silva

Yo ho! And no, I’m not a pirate this time ( but I sure can pretend to be, if you need to be so, for humor’s sake….yet either way, I promise to keep you entertained and learning, on your toes, in this article….like I try my best to do each time ) . So yo ho, indeed, and away we go!

Now in this topic, you might like to learn about different rice cookers which is probably the reason you even clicked on the tab to the side when you entered the main page, I am guessing….or a backpage link brought you here. Either way, you are here, my good reader, and that is all that matters. We hope to lock your attention in ( but do not consider this a blog prison, he he heh, as you can still get up to stretch or walk around or go get a glass of water after reading several of our blogs on here….we do not confine you to the chair, but after reading, you may want to confine yourself…no joke. There is good material on this site, all around, and my only hope is that you will suck all of it up like a dry sponge in the sink ) .

Knowledge gives you wings to fly, and fly, you must! So read on.

So try, first, a 3 – cup rice cooker if you are a basic single person or couple. Since it cooks like 1 – 2 cups of rice, and it is the most common one out there for daily use, it’s simple and meets the need. And it keeps your costs down.

But if you do want rice that tastes better and is more fluffier than the usual, you might want to think of a Fuzzy Logic sort of rice cooker. This one is known to be a more micro – computerized one ( yes, that is what some officially call it, ha ha hah ) . It can take longer but for some the wait is so worth it. You are looking at 50 minutes of quality rice cooking that takes its beautiful time to neatly cook and fluff out your rice to the perfect state.

You also will want to think of a brand ( and you might have already thought of one, in your mind ) that is known for quality Asian kitchen products. Think of it. Rice is made in Japan, Thailand, China, Vietnam, etc., much more frequently and in greater quality ( people take their time to make it there, and always serve it as a side dish ) than it is in the U.S. So trust the rice experts and pick peace of mind for your next meal — go with a brand like Zojirushi or Tiger. Panasonic, heck, is great as well ( as they do, yes, in fact, make rice cookers, too, and not just batteries, he he he heh ) .