What To Serve With Cheese Fondue

Written By A Special Writer : Your One and Only, Amazing, Awesomely Unique FOOD Expert and Guru….. Mr. Efrain E. Silva! ( Woot Woot! )

Ever wondered what you could serve up that would go so nicely and well with some of that cheese fondue you have stored away in the pantry or fridge? Come on, now…. do not tell me that I am the only one who has ever been wondering about this. I know you have as well —- let me tell you what I know on this blog page…..

First of all, have you thought of serving it up with some of your very best bread, ideally something that is not too hard or too stale but retains just the perfect amount of softness? Dip some in that fondue and what you will find is that it will instantly start to soak up some of that cheese and flavor… yum, yum, yum! Sourdough bread, for one, is great —- it is one of my faves to try along with this. And heck, you could even get a few good ol baguettes going, too, if you want to try that as well.

French ones are the best === heck, even bagels will do well. You can so easily break off a piece of bread, baguette or bagel and dip it in that fondue, and you will find that you have a match made right there in heaven —- don’t stop eating….

Also, have you ever thought of going with just a simple and plain, easy – to – do crouton or pretzel side – kick as well? These 2 also make great add – ons for your fondue, and, given that they are at least hard and stable enough not to fall apart entirely in your dip, they work well together! You might even opt in for some crispy potato fries… you can roast them or bake them before adding them next to the fondue. Or heck, you could even get some very basic Pringles of Frito Lays and throw them in there as well. Potato chips are great, too!

Another option that would work well along – side your fondue would also be that of basic, chopped apple slices —- believe it or not, the fruit and the cheese fondue flavors are actually known to mix so well together that it’s yet another match made in paradise. And the fruit and cheese do not off – set each other, as some might initially be led to believe…. and the best fruit to mix with the cheese fondue, then, on that note, is —- you guessed it —- apples. They are just the right amount of citrusy sweetness.

The tartness of a basic green apple, when sliced into little tiny pieces, is just perfect for this —- and if you happen to melt the cheese fondue for extra gooey pleasure, he he he heh heh, then it’s even better. And it can melt right over those apple slices.