Charcoal Companion Double Hamburger Press

Author : Efrain E. Silva

This sensational burger press rates itself only at 4.5 stars, almost 5 full stars. That speaks for itself. Plus, nearly 80 different Amazon reviewers have agreed that it deserves such a rating, so let’s see a few things that make it great….

First of all, it comes in a nice mustard yellow - brownish tan sort of look, which gets many people hungry and just looks darn nice. I will confess. It does, especially on a summer day outdoors. It just seems to blend with certain patios and outdoor looks. With mine, it fit right in.

Now, there is also a feature I did want to mention, which makes it a great item to look at, too, and it is that you can get two (not just one) same - size, uniform patties cranked out at once with this press. And it’s also made of decently sturdy plastic, which ought to last you, with proper care, at least a couple of years (and for some, it has lasted more). It’s made by the Charcoal Companion Store, which has been kicking butt in the business for over 30 years (since 1984, exactly). And “get your grill on” is one of the catch - phrases of this business ; they certainly know how to make good grill products.

Also, the patties that it can form are 1 / 2 lb. so keep that in mind. It doesn’t adjust or conform to other thickness options. Both presses have nice little rings on the bottom side and this helps the juices / grease to drop to the bottom and can’t really drip out. Some argue this is great as it helps keep the patty from becoming too greasy and also keeps it uniform to a nice little shape, with those ring marks making their indent right at the bottom. Don’t forget to flip!

Everything does cook uniformly here, so that is not a problem to worry about (or one less to worry about, right?). The tiny rings, by the way, also help the patty not to dry out too much either. Just a side note. Also keep in mind that both burger presses (since this is a 2 - in - 1 product) are attached together and come that way, making them not really de - teachable. So if you want the weight to be evenly distributed as you press, you might as well tack on two patties, on each side, as opposed to with a simpler, single - press. Yet it saves you time as you can make two patties instead of one, all in the time it takes you to normally press just a single one.

The user guide and box product labeling, by the way, are not overly gimmicky and do not seem to lie in any way. The product looks just the same as it does in its box picture, and you do get what it says you get. So you know what you’re buying without any deception or twisted facts. Check it all out further online when you have a minute!