Compact Coffee Grinders

Author : Efrain E. Silva

My wife thinks these are cute, and now is a better time than ever to talk about them for a bit, guys — anyways, these little grinders are so useful in their small size. First of all, they can be transported across rooms, offices, or even buildings in your hand, with the cord neatly wrapped up around them and all (and every coffee strained out, of course, no beans left in there). You can take them anywhere in a hurry — to that next sales meeting, to your new work space, to your home cubicle area, just imagine the options and get so creative with it that you have fun. And you can avoid having to deal with big, heavy (not to mention pricey) pieces of coffee maker equipment, by the way, when you go for these compact products….if something breaks down or gets jammed, it’s easier to assess the problem and its location (not much to have to look around for, since the product is so little) and offer a quick fix. So in a way, on these compact grinders for your coffee needs, you can save space, money and effort (and maybe not even in that exact order — ha ha hah!).

And small doesn’t mean useless or with fewer settings always though in many cases it does ; either way, take, for instance, the Bodum BISTRO Burr, a compact coffee grinder that has got 12 unique settings (how they fit that much capability and capacity for options in such a tiny little machine is beyond me, but I am just glad they managed to do so without the unit blowing up and spitting up coffee beans or grounds everywhere, he he heh). So if you like coffee, like most of us, you’ve got 12 different ways to play with it so that you can surprise yourself with something new and joyously refreshing every week of the year (or something like that). You might also want to try, if you like that last one I mentioned, any compact coffee grinders made by Capresso, a great brand that gets its word out there in many ways. For 4 - oz. grounds and nearly 9 - oz. beans, I like what the Infinity (or something like that, as I recall it was called) can offer its buyers. It’s a commercial - grade one that comes in a nice, dark black (no other colors offered, though, sorry, so just keep it plain and simple, I guess) with white letters you can see in the settings. You can turn the knob to the right or the left, as you choose, and also get precise grinding as the machine does its job.

Some compact grinders even have a nice stainless steel exterior make. After all, like I said, since they’re small, it doesn’t mean they can’t be made of great quality. So give them a try, if you never have, and don’t judge a book (or grinder) by its cover. You may be surprised to find some value in these life - saving, nifty little ‘emergency’ portable grinders. What’s to lose?