Electric Crepe Maker - iSiLER

Tell me a better way to start your day other than with fluffy and light crepes? Imagine a spongy pancake on your plate with maple syrup spread over it. Isn’t the thought blissful?

But what if you take a bite of the pancake and find it half-cooked or burnt? Well, your morning zeal is officially gone! And you start hating your tastebuds (they are innocent, though).

I can bet that you do not want a dreadful morning experience like that, do you? But what to do to avoid disasters like that?

Thankfully, technology has brought us electric crepe makers that make your task easy to accomplish.

It can be pretty frustrating to choose one from a wide variety of products. I am now reviewing the iSiLER Electric Crepe Maker to guide you through it for a clearer idea.

Features of Electric Crepe Maker - iSiLER

The electric crepe maker introduced to the market by iSiLER is one of the best products available. It does the job pleasingly. You might find the breakfast crepes to be perfect with this crepe maker.

But no product on the face of the earth is flawless. Similarly, this particular machine also presents itself with some negotiable cons (well, you will decide whether they are negotiable).

But first, let’s look at what this device has to offer us.

Larger cooking plate

The large 12 in/30.7 cm cooking plate gives you an adequately shaped crepe for your breakfast. Sometimes, you cannot achieve the perfect shapes with the smaller cooking plates. Thankfully, that is not a problem for this specific machine. Moreover, it has an e-shaped pipe that distributes heat evenly. This feature helps your crepes to be cooked appropriately.

Overheating Protection

What if you have to eat a burnt tortilla? That will not be soothing to your tongue, will it?

Sometimes, you forget to cook the crepe at the optimal temperature. As a result, your taste buds start hating you (or vice versa!)
You can rely on this crepe maker because it comes with a smart technology of overheating protection that does not let it exceed 428 ± 68 °F/220 ± 20 °C. This intelligent technology makes your cooking experience stress-free.

High power with thermostat control

You can observe instant heating with its 1080 W output. You can make a delicious breakfast in no time with the fast heating technology of the crepe maker. The thermostat control technology allows you to cook steak, bacon, pizza, and much more.

The thermostat control lets you cook the crepe just as you want.

Easy clean up

Let’s all admit our boredom when it comes to cleaning! Perhaps, the most tiring job is to maintain and clean the appliances we use. With the electric crepe maker by iSiLER , the hassle of cleaning is gone. You get a non-stick cooking plate that is optimal for non-messy operation. And guess what? You are officially retired from the job of cleaning untidy cooking plates!

Key features:



Buyer’s guide

I hope you have formed a firm knowledge about how the crepe machines work and what exactly their functions are. Congratulations, you are a pro at crepe-making! But there are some other facts that you should keep in mind while buying an electric crepe maker.

Gas or electric?

To clear your doubt on this, let’s know a bit more about crepe makers.

These helpful machines can be divided into two types: gas-operated and electric makers. Both do their job quite well. But if you are unsure of which one to choose, here is the solution.

The gas crepe makers are usually not portable. However, they can give you the best result in the long run. Also, they don’t contribute to the electric bill of your home. Electric crepe makers, on the contrary, are much more energy-efficient and portable too. But the heating process here is a little more time-taking than the gas-operated ones. Both can make your mornings yummy but in different manners. You can choose whatever you want.

Plate size matters

You don’t want your pancakes to be microscopic, do you? Well, in order to avoid such issues, you should always keep in mind the plate size of the crepe maker. Consider buying a machine with a larger plate for a perfectly shaped pancake or anything else.

Temperature control

You should buy a crepe maker that has an optimal temperature control system. You don’t want to burn or dry your crepes. The perfect temperature leads you to cook a perfectly balanced breakfast.

You should also understand that even dispersion of heat is needed to cook it nicely. Keep an eye on the heat dispersion system while buying an electric crepe maker.


How does an electric crepe maker work?

Making a perfect crepe is so simple if you know the steps to follow. First, you should plug in the electric crepe maker and wait until it is hot. Then, after heating, you should grease the cooking plate with a little oil. Meanwhile, you should have your batter and spatula ready. Pour a proper amount of batter on the plate and spread it evenly with the spatula. After almost one minute of cooking, turn the crepe and cook for some time. And then, put it on a plate to serve with strawberries and syrup.

Is crepe mix the same as pancake mix?

They are almost similar, but not the same. The pancake batter has a raising agent in it to make it more fluffy and spongy. On the other hand, the crepe mix makes the crepes flat.

Do you flip a crepe?

Well, yes. You should flip a crepe while cooking it. That helps the crepe to be cooked evenly. But remember, you should not flip the crepe too early because it will tear if you do so.

Final words

Shaping and reshaping the tasty thought of biting a delicious pancake is only possible with machines like crepe maker by iSiLER. However, you should not expect the crepe maker to cook for the whole country!

But, for light family purpose usage, this crepe maker is the ideal choice with no cons at all! Hurry up and buy it today to get your crepes ready.