Where To Buy Cheese Fondue Mix

Written By A Special Writer : Your One and Only, Amazing, Awesomely Unique FOOD Expert and Guru….. Mr. Efrain E. Silva! ( Woot Woot! )

I’ll answer this question fast, for ya, and you will appreciate me for it, I am sure, friends —- my answer to all things in this matter is none other than Amazon, Amazon, Amazon!!!! They are like, quite literally, an all – buy place for me…. whatever I want, they usually like to have on stock. And they are cheaper than any local store, I can promise you that, as well. And if you have Prime, your product usually ships free and gets there in two days ( or sometimes even less, he he heh, if you are lucky ) . So with that in mind, let me share with you at least one fondue mix that I like to pick up from Amazon, from time to time… may I?

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Now, then, I like this kind of fondue mix that you can see right here for yourselves — Amazon.com: Emmi Swiss Fondue, 14 oz : Grocery & Gourmet Food (affiliate link )

But of course, some would actually go ahead and say that I am cheating with this one, he he he heh, since this mix is already pre – mixed and half the work is done for ya…. but either way, I like using it and find it makes my process easier and quicker. And in minutes, I have quality fondue cheese coming right out, nice and hot, and ready for all!

But you know what else I like? The fact that it’s gluten – free and weighs less than a single pound. But let me talk about the gluten – free thing for just a sec…. I , for one, am extremely intolerant of gluten and dairy, so for me, this means that I need a product like this one ( even with reduced lactose and lactase, ha ha hah ahah ) that will suit my needs best : when I search ( eg. “gluten - free fondue mix”, “non - GMO / non – dairy fondue mix”, etc etc etc ) .

You might also check out what your local Natural Grocers can do for you on this matter. I have one just minutes from where I live, and it always has a box of this organic mix, ready for preparation and less than $ 12. You could also try a Whole Foods near you, as I have seen in the past that they do have them there as well. All of this, of course, not to mention, will depend on availability and stock ( and of course, you do need to take heed that the local supply chain in the U.S. is having a few distribution shortages as we speak, due to this awful pandemic, but my hope and faith is that this will start to clear up soon…. we are almost at the end of that dark tunnel, so yay ) …..