Rice Cooker How To Cook Pasta

Author: Efrain Silva

You may have heard the saying that says, “ Wiser is a prudent young man than an old fool who rushes into things” . And it is so gosh - darn TRUE, is it not? I mean, I, for one, as a young guy, have just about seen each and every possible single life experience there has ever been in my life - time already. And how is this possible, you might be thinking to yourself? Well, that would be thanks to none other than social media, movies, internet sites, tv shows, video games, virtual reality sessions, the news, and so much more in the world of pop culture and beyond. In fact, I can say, along with anyone else in our millennial generation, just about, that I have seen more romantic kisses, witnessed more action and violent encounters ( through the screen only, thankfully, he he he hehe ) , been on more islands ( through virtual vacations ) and so much else. As a matter of undeniable fact, as I like to say, I do not even need to leave my home in order to have some sort of experience —- I just need to flip on the tv, surf a channel or two, check my phone, or smart - watch, or tablet, or other virtual - digital device, and I can literally go anywhere I want to and live any moment, feeling any experience I feel like. Ha! That’s 21 - first - century living for you right there, is it not, friend? And through it all, I have already learned so many invaluable life lessons, one being that I can connect my own digital rice cooker to an app on my iPhone and set it cook, all from my couch as I watch TV (given that I’ve already put the rice or other food inside the cooker and closed it properly, he heh ) .

And since most rice cookers now have digital functions and multiple layouts and settings, we can learn from that, too. So, you, as a globally - connected individual of society, now get to make the experience your very own. Choose what you want it to be — brown rice, white rice, potatoes, pasta, or something else ( rice cookers can cook many of these items ) . And go there and hit “cook”. Poof! Done.

Now all of this is to say that ( yes, I am going somewhere with this point, he he he heh ) cooking pasta here is simple. If you want to do penne or macaroni elbows, for instance, just remember the pasta’s volume will actually increase to twice what it was before you cooked it. So make sure not to put in too much. One uncooked pasta cup will yield two in volume, thus, when finished! Put as many cups water as you do pasta, and add a little salt, for flavor.

So thanks for reading, and do have yourself a terrifically good day!