How Does Garlic Peeler Work?

Written By A Special Writer : Your One and Only, Amazing, Awesome Tech – Hardware FOOD Expert and Guru….. Mr. Efrain E. Silva! ( Woot Woot! )

So guys, I am going to attack this question with all the rage I can, like a true soldier of words… I plan to show little to no mercy and go all out! Are you ready to read? Ready for some fun? Let’s begin!

So first of all, it’s ok if you do not know for sure how a garlic – peeler works. There is no dumb question in my book. We have all asked, all kinds of things, in this earthly life. So you are not dumb. Do not let anyone make you feel that way. I, too, once asked it, I’m sure….

Now, then, the way that it all works is as follows ( pay some attention here, guys ) —- you first ought to start off by opening up your garlic - peeler through its sleeves ( from which you will place the garlic cloves inside of, of course ) . Now, depending on the model of garlic – peeler that you decided to buy, the sleeve location can be different, all in all. Some have it at the very top of the device, and with these, all that you will usually need to do is open it ( like with a rubber, silicone body with a slight opening at the top that can open or shut, as some of the ones that I have seen people use ) . And then, put in the cloves and you are ready to go. On some other models, you just simply place the garlic – peeler directly over each piece of garlic itself, and the garlic – peeler then sort of acts as a surrounding layer to the garlic itself, and then you remove the peeler, and once that is done, you will notice that it peeled the skin off for you. These are super convenient, but keep in mind that to get one, you will more than likely need to spend more than $ 35. So how is your budget looking right now? Totally worth it, though, if you are made of money, he he he heh…. you can even pick up a $ 100 + or more expensive one, that can do all sorts of other tricks and features more settings, too. Think about it.

Now if you are talking about a large – scale machine, on the other hand, something more expensive, yet more solid, and that can crank out more peels faster than anything else….. then, of course, you are going to want to note that it works a little differently. You put some fresh garlic in its in – built hopper, push a few buttons, and then collect the peeled garlic separately, once the whole process is done. Side note : Some of these machines have superb “ peeling speeds “ , too. Did you know that as well?