How To Use A Fondue Burner

Written By A Special Writer : Your One and Only, Amazing, Awesomely Unique FOOD Expert and Guru….. Mr. Efrain E. Silva! ( Woot Woot! )

Ever got your hands on a nice fondue burner before? Ever tried to use one without further instruction or any manual? Well, if you are somewhere in that predicament, or perhaps remembering a similar time in the past ( or heck, perhaps you just want to learn something new altogether, which has no relation to what you are interested in learning, today, he he he he heh ) , then stick around and give me your time! I will write the following below, and I hope you will read! Deal? Read on, guys…. read on…..

Now first of all, the very first thing that I would like to make known to you here, as I write, is the simple fact of the matter —- I am going to show you all the steps while assuming you are using a liquid alcohol type of burner, which is perhaps the most common one that there is ( yes —- there’s other types, he heh heh, which I won’t get into here but you can Google for yourself ) . Now, then, on to it —- first of all, you are going to need to just simply fill the base of the burner ( and if you do not know which part is the base, then start by figuring that out, he he he he heh…. several YouTube video searches, as well as basic Google image results, can show you what that looks like, and they all sort of like alike, more or less, I would add… so it ought not to be too hard to find yours, with that said ) .

Now once you have figured out where your base is, you are next going to need to pull it apart from the other pieces and simply just fill it up with the right fuel ( make sure you know which fuel your model needs, but most types of this liquid mentioned are about the same and can do the same thing, so it’s easy…. don’t over – complicate it, he he he heh heh ) . Go up no more than 3 full ounces ( and no less than 2, of course ) . If you want an hour and a half, do the full 3 ( but for just a single hour in which it burns, then stick with 2…. it all depends on how long you need or want your fondue burner to burn that fondue for, he he he heh ) .

Put the main cover on. Put the burner on the stand. Ignite the fuel area with your lighted match, carefully and accurately. Aim for the burner’s center. Wait til’ the fuel catches onto flame.

You can usually raise or lower that flame, if need be. Move the burner’s base handle around to do so. Go up – down / left – right.