How to Make McDonalds’ Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Author : Efrain Silva

Ooh, a banana and strawberry smoothie from Mickey D’s? What’s so hard about that, you might ask? It’s not like it was in one of my past blogs, where I taught you on why (and also a bit on how) you should consider restoring and revaluing your $10K ATV, for instance, repainting the plastic trim, adding in some quality theatre sound, and much more. (Remember that article? In which I told you that you might even get a better offer, when it comes to selling it or trading it in, thus reimbursing you for the upgrades you made?) Ah, that was fun.

McDonald’s (or Mickey D’s, as some call it in ‘slang’), makes a heck of a strawberry banana smoothie ; it rules. If you haven’t tried it, I highly suggest doing. But, of course, some of us want to save money in the long term and learn to make our own similar type of smoothie, also saving us effort in having to get up and drive to McDonald’s just to get a smoothie. Though there is never a solid guarantee on how much enjoyment you will get back for it, it never hurts to try. So let me teach you one way you can make your own….

First of all, all you need is about 1 + 1 / 2 cups of ice, as well as 2 nice - looking, medium - sized bananas (which you’ve smashed down into a cup). You will also need to grab a handful of thawed strawberries, and smash them into a half cup, putting some syrup glaze on them, if you prefer. Also get some vanilla yogurt (the low - fat kind is best, in this case) and put that in another small cup, making another half cup. Next comes the fun part, and yes, it may get loud, but this is where it all comes together to make one beautiful final masterpiece….

Throw all cups into an electric juice blender (perhaps something fast, like a Ninja blender, such as what I use), and push on that button. Use the “High Speed Blend” button or something similar to really get things cranking. Do so until you see everything smoothen out evenly, and look as smooth as a smoothie!

Then, you will want to bring out two separate drinking glasses or large cups, measuring each at 16 ounces. Pat yourself on the back — you have just made a great drink for yourself and someone else. Pour the liquid into those two containers, and enjoy. And, of course, tell us how it was, and if this blog has helped you in some way, let us know!

And you might ask, “Efrain, is it really that easy and simple of a process?”, to which I’d say, “Yup. Try it.” You will see for yourself. Check out the next blog, in which I talk about how to make a smoothie quietly while others are sleeping….

Do not miss out on it, my friend!