Rice Cooker Grits

Author: Efrain Silva

As you have heard in recent cook – off competition riots, to the victor go the spoils. And the same can apply to like anything in life. Think about it. Know what I mean? Watch any of those reality cooking shows? Or maybe you’re more like me, introverted and sometimes disconnected from media…..

Have you ever wanted to just get away from it all and just think — think about a person, a product, a place? Well, I am that person. I am writing to you in hopes that you will listen and benefit — I feel it is my duty to serve you in some way, since you are giving me your attention on this post. You are my visiting reader.

But more than that, you are my friend. I like to think of all my readers as friends, true family members, actually, in a distant sense…and no, not at all in a weird or creepy way. Get the thought out of your head. I just mean that anyone who reads is a friend or acquaintance of mine, I guess.

What would you like to read about this day? Well, if you read the title, I’m sure that’s what you were hoping for when you clicked in. So I hope to cover that. But foremost, I hope to keep you…keep you here. So let’s begin.

First of all, pay attention to this fact, the fact that having some stone – ground corn meal helps.

And not only that, but did you also think that mixing it up with some low – salt chicken stock can help? Well, it can. Add to that some cups of water, depending on how much corn meal you are adding in ( 1 – 1 ratio, per cup ) . If you want some kosher salt, as well, to add that salty flavor once all is said and spoken for, go for it….but just remember not to put in any more than a table – spoon as that can start to get too salty after – wards, if too much is added in there. Ground some fresh, strong black pepper ( or get some that’s already been grounded, from your store ) and mix it up with the rest of what you’ve already thrown in the rice cooker.

Trust me here — you want to then cook at the BASIC, white rice setting. After cooking, throw in 2 tablespoons of fresh butter and stir the whole thing. That is the BEST way to make this.

Yup, it’s all good and true. I’ve done my research. Rest in these facts. They will not steer you wrong.

So I hope this has garnered your attention for a bit and gotten you interested. I bet you did not know a bit of this, did you? And that is beauty of reading, my good friend — you learn something each and every time, or re - learn something that you did not even know before. Toodles!