Uuni Pizza Oven

This type of pizza oven is special just because it comes from the amazing Uuni brand, which has quite the reputation and story of its own. Here’s how it starts. It’s the year 2012 (less than a decade ago), and innovators Darina Garland & Kristian Tapaninaho, a happily married couple making the perfect duo, decide to found their very own outdoor cookware company….and they take a leap of faith in doing so, hoping things will turn out only for the best. Guess what? They do, beyond their expectations, even….now, this company has a name that is only growing more every day, and it’s already settled in quite a chunk of earnings as well as a solid customer base behind it ---- business is really good. 

And you want to know something else that’s really cool? This company was the first one to do what no one else had done ; the very first wood - fired pizza oven that was portable came out, by means of Ooni. Ooni released it. It was Ooni’s entire creation, start to finish. It revolutionized the world, and even the name itself, of “outdoor cooking”, for all. It brought something new and fresh to the table, and the business knew that there may be a rise in competitors, soon, because of that. 

World - class pizzas, now, can be cooked in as little as one full minute ; that’s right. In 60 seconds, to be precise on the minute, you can have that pizza cooked. What other types of pizza ovens, or general ovens, let you do something like this? Think about it. And you can even cook these at your own leisure, while in your backyard, as you multi - task and do a couple other things, like sip on that delicious cold beer and talk to a few relatives next to you.

Plus, you get twice the heat - up speed that any other conventional pizza or non - pizza oven gets….in a short span of 20 minutes. Sometimes, you can get it that hot in even less than 20 minutes, which is, in my definition, a miracle. Traditional wood - fired pizza ovens also cost way more than this one sells for, which is another great benefit it holds. You get all these features and more for just a portion of the regular asking price of a mainstream pizza oven. 

And pizza ovens are not the only products Ooni’s got up its sleeves. It also sells out on all types of related accessories, too, like sizzler pans, peels for the Ooni pro, gas burners, cover pans, gloves and so much more. You can even get a decent pellet burner offered by Ooni (also spelled as Uuni, simultaneously, just a side note) for only $39. See it on the main site’s product shop page. It’s all there. 

Currently, the most expensive, high - quality pizza oven on the market by this company is that of the Uuni 3 Wood-Fired Pizza Oven. Last time I checked, it rated at five stars and sold for $299. It still does, both. It can also rock itself to major temperatures of 932°F, without fear or risk of electric or fire danger, in just 10 minutes. Yes, 10 quick minutes, and it’s up there! What a nice, high temperature to be up at when you want to get things moving quickly and there’s a lot of hungry mouths to feed, right? 

And going back to the 1 - minute time frame, once more, on this pizza oven, 60 seconds means getting a freshly - baked 13" pizza of your choice. That’s how long it takes. Sit down and start a crossword puzzle, if you have trouble waiting….and before you can even really get started on it, that pizza will have cooked, and it’ll be time to feast. Nice.

And for this particular type of cooking oven, Ooni also makes available a Cast Iron Series of its own brand, which you can buy in order to better complement the experience. And, guess what? You don’t just have to use pizza, either, on this pizza oven….it also cooks up fish, roast meat and even certain veggie dishes, too, thanks to the aforementioned Cast Iron Series. How nice is that?

And since this product is portable, it means you easily pack it up at any time, and take in anywhere. Start thinking of some great idea spots, like the beach, your best friend’s backyard cookout spot, a romantic, deserted mountaintop your wife loves to take you to, or just about anywhere else. And not only is it super portable, but it’s also incredibly lightweight….you’ll have a harder time trying to pick up a couple dumbbells or weights than you will this product, no joke. It also runs on wood pellets, but we’re not just talking about any kind of wood pellets, here.

We’re talking about some wood pellets that have been ‘given the special treatment’, if you know what I mean. Yes, they have been responsibly, sustainably sourced. And not only that, but they’re also fully energy - efficient. The pizza oven will run on this. It won’t consume your electric bill every month, so whip it out and use it as many times as you really want to without feeling like you’re wasting energy.  

How good of a feeling is that? It must be pretty good, right? Oh, yes, it is….especially since it can cause some long - term peace of mind. 

Keep in mind, though, that the special wood pellets are not included in the box of this product. You need to go and buy them separately. Make the investment. 

In the box, though, there still is included a pizza peel and a burner for the wood pellets, in addition to the main oven and a stone baking board that comes along with it. This board is of Cordierite, respectively, and is both strong and elegant. It’s got a design like no other. Give this pizza oven, as well as Oomi, a try when you wish.