Water Detox

Drinking water is probably the simplest most basic thing that you can do to naturally detox your body. This is a natural process that occurs any time we drink water. Normally, if we do things the way nature intended, we would drink a regular amount of water and this would help to expel waste and toxins from our bodies. The problem arises because often times people just don’t drink enough water. Sometimes people just don’t drink enough in general, other times people drink the wrong things like soda, juice, or sugar water. These are counter productive as they cause the liver to work too much.

Water is of vital importance to almost every part of the human body. Every process and function of the body includes water. The body itself is made up of mostly water. Although it is important for almost everything, it is particularly worth mentioning the liver. The liver plays a big role in filtering out toxins from the body. Its purpose is basically to detox the body. Drinking pure water helps the liver to function and improves the health of the liver. Consuming things other than water, especially things that contain toxins can cause undue strain on the liver.

The Water Detox Diet

This is one of the most simple and effective ways to detox. While getting enough water and staying hydrated is important, getting even more water can be a very effective way to remove toxins. This is one of the simplest and most effective methods to detox that could exist and it is an important part of being healthy in general.

So the idea is to increase your water intake by a lot in order to clean out your body and also to help your liver. How much water is needed? Usually people estimate that during this process you should drink between 1.5 and 3 liters each day. The great part about his is that you can do this without changing your current diet. If you really want to, you can keep eating whatever it is that you currently eat. Just adding water will be enough to have a huge difference. Still, if you do want to change your diet, you can combine this with a change in what you eat. Eating natural foods will only help to boost your health even further. It is something that you probably want to be doing anyway. Just because you are using a lot of water doesn’t mean you can’t tackle the problem from every angle for the best most optimized set of results.

The Extreme Detox

OK, so the basics aren’t enough and you want to go all the way, right? You want something that will work really fast and be super effective, right? There are many different detox methods out there that are labeled extreme. These might include such things as only drinking water and not eating an actual food at all. This is generally not a good idea. If you see a plan labeled this way, it probably isn’t safe. It may be partially effective, but only to a certain degree. Any small benefits will be far out weighed by the disadvantages. If you really need something that is optimally effective, don’t do anything crazy like literally staving yourself. Instead, combine a normal detox method, like the one above with a good well balanced diet like one of the methods listed on the other articles posted on this site. A diet of all natural foods can be incredibly helpful not something that you want to over look. Combining good solid methods in a well thought out way is going to be the most effective way to really achieve your goals regardless of exactly where you are aiming.

Homemade Detox

Water is of course the best place to start and something that you should always include but if you want to go a little bit further there are other steps you can take to detoxify your system. Here are a couple ideas for drinks and smoothies.

Lemon Water

Lemon Cucumber Smoothie  

Mix the following in a blender:

Aspartame Detox

Changing gears a little bit, there is another thing I would like to cover today. This is the toxic substance aspartame. It is used as an artificial sweetener and can be found in everything from candy, to soda, and even in coffee. While sugar may be one of the biggest things that you should avoid, aspartame is not a great substitute. It has been said that it could increase the risk of cancer as well as many other problems that it causes. If you have been consuming this, the first step is to stop. Once you have done that, it is time to detox. Use the methods above such as drinking lots of water and drinking specially selected smoothies. In addition to that, I can recommend making sure you switch to eating all natural foods.