Compact Espresso Machine: How To Make Mocha

Author : Efrain S.

Want to make some mocha like a boss? Be honest : I know you do. You’ve been dying to ever since your boss introduced that new compact espresso machine at work, paid for by the company budget and thanks to all your hard work on those sales quotas, he heh. So let’s see if we can figure this out (or, actually, I can tell you, for instance, how to make mocha, in this piece….so let me do so now….)

First of all, a huge tip you will want to write down in your muscle memory is that chocolate is everything, in a sense…the type you choose can determine the type of mocha you end up with in the end….crappy mocha or really awesome mocha, he he he heh. Pick quality chocolate, and choose wisely, my friend, remembering that a mocha powder or a basic chocolate that’s been ground, or even some cheap little chocolate chips, for instance, will run out fast and make you run more trips back to the grocery store. You don’t want basic milk chocolate for this anyways….don’t think “cheap” here.

What you want, instead, my good man (or woman, he he heh heh), is nothing less than some true, quality dark chocolate chips made from a superior brand (like Ghirardelli, to name one, he heh). If you want that velvet – like, pure flavored chocolate taste in your final, finished product, then you should go for no less….not to mention this specific chocolate is so well – known for being rich and intense in its flavor when eaten as chocolate. In your mocha, that rich intensity only transfers itself to something purely awesome! Take my word.

Now as for the MILK itself that you are now wondering about, which you’ll want to get, I select nothing short of 2 % each time and am amazed. 6 ounces of milk, on that note, can be good, per cup, but it depends on your machine….I’m very picky with my likes, and my taste buds thank me in the end, he heh…..

If you want to really take things up to the next level after that, go all out! Get some chocolate shavings to add on there. And why not whipped cream, too? Can’t hurt.

Get your espresso mocha of choice (mine is probably the Nespresso Ristretto, which I would recommend to anyone, in a heartbeat, to try out for themselves…can’t go wrong). Put the milk down into that steamer and turn it on, and then as it steams up, throw in the rest of the ingredients (the chocolate chips, the shavings, etc). Wait til’ your machine finishes its full process, and then tell us what you think….was that a good mocha or what?

Remember —- life is short. So drink plenty of mocha each day (or if you are like my best friend, each hour or two, he he heh). Mocha is good. And having a compact espresso machine to make it is even better! Agree with me there.