What To Dip In Fondue Chocolate

Written By A Special Writer : Your One and Only, Amazing, Awesomely Unique FOOD Expert and Guru….. Mr. Efrain E. Silva! ( Woot Woot! )

Picture this —- whatever you’d like to mix with your hot, fondue chocolate…. these bits or pieces of food or fruit are put on a plate, and then you pour down the hot fondue chocolate all over them to smother them in delicious delight, or you could just dip them into hot fondue and get the same feel. It all feels great both in the mouth and in the tummy. Now, then, you might have come to me asking, this time, what in the good heck you can even dip in that fondue chocolate that would taste half – good, in the first place, right? Maybe it is your first time, ever, fondue – ing. And if it is, I do sincerely applaud you for going out and taking that first step of bravery…. he he he he heh.

But all kidding kicked to the curb, allow me to get serious for just a sec as I go ahead and tell you a few great ideas that have crossed my mind ( and my plate ) ….. the first one being that of none other than strawberries, of course! And the redder, the better, as I always like to say to people! Nice, crisp, fresh ones that you just picked or bought will do the trick so nicely…. of course, we all like to try out choco – covered strawberries from a stick when we go the Golden Corral or Country Buffet, but why do we never seem to be able to make our own or come up with our own recipes for this? Try this at home for yourself, and you can eat these whenever you want…. and prepare plenty for having friends over!

Another thing you can dip, on a similar note, would be melons, green melons, water – melon bits, sliced apple pieces, or heck, even cut – up pieces of pineapple chunks. All similar fruits like these are great for dipping and great for enjoying, all in all! But that’s not all —- did you, as a matter of fact, just so happen to know that you can also dip in COOKIES? THAT is right —- I am not kidding here…. cookies. Choco – covered cookies are great, especially if they are plain cookies that are not overly loaded with sugar or other frosting already. You can even just put out a basic plate or dish of very plain cookies, next to the dish of choco – fondue, and allow people at your party to self – dip as they please! ( But no double – dipping, now, he he he he heh, unless it’s family…. )

Broken – up chunks of cake also work really well. Break up a cake into bits, and put those bits on a plate. And put that plate right next to the choco – fondue plate or bowl / dish. And let people have at it!