Air Fryer to Bake Cookies

Author : Efrain Silva

Now, my friend, we come to one of the most talked about (and written about) topics for those who love to cook and even for those who don’t —- how to bake cookies. Are you a pro in the kitchen? Or do you hate cooking, baking, and all that stuff? Either way, you are going to love this easy pointer article because it is going to open up your mind to some suggestions you might not have considered.

And besides, we can mostly agree that we all like cookies, am I right? I haven’t met one person who does not. Even people allergic to certain cookie ingredients or who don’t like sugar can like find a way to make cookies that they can eat. Yum!

First of all, you’re going to want to get your cookie dough or flour ready — whatever organic or inorganic type that you would personally prefer to use — and then start sifting it. Let those dry ingredients sift together nicely, and then after that, you should make sure to throw in some cream butter and brown sugar (you can use white sugar, too, but all the recent health studies have shown just how damaging and artificially toxic this can be to your health, but to each his own) as well as some eggs. Mix it all up with a mixer, and hopefully, you have everything in a large enough mix bowl so that you can avoid having anything spill over. If you have a sensitive carpet or wood / tile floor, you know the urgency of what I’m talking about here.

Throw in some nuts, almonds, chocolate chips, vanilla chocolate chips, whatever you would like to get some flavor in with. You can also pour just a very small tad of vanilla extract into the mix as well as a cup or two of milk. Have a cup or two of water put in there as you keep mixing. Make sure not to mix too much when it’s all dry and avoid doing the opposite as well ; if your mixture is too runny or moist, then put some more powder or flour / cookie dough in there until the ultimate feel of everything is but nice and moist (not too dry and sticky & not too wet and runny).

Get a nice, long aluminum or metal tray out, and pour a very small amount of oil (any kind you like) on it to avoid sticking later in the process. Then, using a large wooden spoon or something similar, pull out batches of the mixture and drop them into the tray, molding them into the shape of cookie you’d like, until the tray is full. Then throw the tray (not literally throw, you might make a mess, hah hah) into the oven and let it burn at about 360 degrees for a good 18-25 minutes, after which you will leave the tray inside the oven still (but with the temperature off) so as to let it finish baking on its own. No extra power required.