Vevor Commercial 2 Tanks Frozen Drink Slushy Making Machine Smoothie Maker 24l

Author : Efrain S.

This double – tanked, frozen slush maker is one of the best you can ever get those two hands of yours on. It can crank out 12L/3.2 gallons per tank, and that says a whole lot. Plus, its evaporators are made fully of steel ( stainless, in fact, ha ha ha hah ) ….. which also implies that you get some very quick, not to mention very efficient, refrigeration, at the end of the day. And if you operate a small, medium or large team that sells food and slushies, for instance, then this can come in so handy as it can crank out many slushies constantly throughout the day and keep itself well – refrigerated as it does so, not breaking down often or even at all. It’s made for durability and quality, and many have also tested it and proven it to have passed the test as a great long – term product. So it speaks for itself, in that sense. But there is more that I still want to share with you, if you would like to keep reading….

So, there is also the fact that the PC tanks on it are fully BPA – free and made of no less than the highest in food – grade quality and artisanship. These tanks, as such, are in no way fragile, as you can already imagine since I mentioned that. Neither are they crisp, like many typical ASB or AS tanks of this sort can tend to be, to such dismay, many a time. The SUS body on this machine, by the way, is fully thick and rigid, made to last through whatever you put it through, even if that should mean many orders at a time…. within a couple hours of less. Yes, if deadlines are long waits are your sort of thing at the restaurant you own, then having a machine like this can only further help ease the load ( and give those customers some peace of mind, as well, while you do so, he he he he heh…. all very important things to think hard about, especially if you are serious about getting those sales up in your location ) .

Who doesn’t like the option of frozen slushies being served, not only at gas stations, but also at ice cream shops, cafes or even full – scale restaurants? Every now and again, people crave a good slushy. And this frozen slushy maker is there to meet that craving as best it can, offering a great control panel with multiple different stirring switches as well ( oh, silly me for not mentioning that feature earlier as it’s my favorite one to talk about, he heh ) . And did you know that it is also made to do teas, slurpees, frozen cocktails, iced coffees, fruit juices and so much more? Yes, indeed it can! That ought to bring a smile to your face.