Can You Cook Pasta In A Microwave Rice Cooker?

Author: Efrain Silva

I never leave home without my armor, or so I tell my wife each morning, so that she can relax and know that I will be safe…regardless of what craziness, or who, may come my way. Now with that little bit said, I do intend to keep a clear mind always in all the things I do, even when I write ( and right now as you read, yup, no different, he he he heh heh ) . It is important to be alert and sharp, especially with all the hurdles and surprises, both good and not so great, that life can and will throw. It is vital to be ready, and willing to accept anything. That is also how I write. So in that, rest assured that you are investing your next few seconds into a short blog post that has got accurate info that I have researched before - hand ( or that I simply knew, as well, in terms of certain facts which I was already well - aware on and wanted to share ) . With all that mumbo jumbo said, you will want to write down in your books or note - pad ( are you taking notes on this, I hope? Do not miss the chance to. ) the first fact that you CAN make pasta like this.

And wait, wait, and wait! DO NOT get up from your seat. I am about to spill more juice ( not literally, but I think you know what I imply, my friends ) . The next hot bit of info is that it’s super easy to do so!

Make sure that, first off, it IS an actual microwave – friendly rice cooker and labeled as one by its brand. If you want to avoid gluey, over – cooked types of pasta ( or even rice ) , this is for you. Since it can do rice, it can do pasta, since it is also a starch type of food made for this sort of use. Make sure that the flip - down lid is locked, of course ( nearly every single microwave – friendly rice cooker comes with one of these and in microwave – safe plastic to avoid a fire in your microwave, he heh ) .

Did you know any of this prior to reading? Well, if you did, worst - case scenario, then I have just refreshed your memory and helped re - inforce a bit of what you knew, and some important data / facts on this topic. That is my aim with all blogs. And many of you know that I deliver!

So thanks for having read. Thanks for having given me those last five minutes or so of your time. It is so precious, and time is one of our greatest gifts of all in this short life. So once again, thank you for sharing a bit of yours right here with me. And share this blog page with some friends!