Why Is The Ice Cream Machine Always Broken At Mcdonalds?

This is a good question, and if your child has ever given you the sad eyes look, or expression on their face ( I know you know what it is, my fellow parents ) , then it is time to either get in the car, go to another branch where their ice – cream machine actually works and is concise, or just try a different approach / place to eat ice cream altogether. Now, why does this happen? And why is it such a pain? Let me share some insight….

First of all, these machines, as has been stated by company reps ( so it is official information ) actually do take an eternity to clean out. I am not kidding here — the employees literally have to deal with a typical 4 – hour sanitization process and not only that, but they are required to do it daily, not just ‘every now and again’. But what a drag it is! DAILY. Can you imagine?

But get this : WHEN it is IN sanitization mode, the machine can not be used for anything else…. so you will have to wait until the cleaning is complete before it can make any more ice cream for you. Yup. You read correctly.

And guess what else? People fill the lines and drive – through, so most of the time, the staff is working hard to crank out tons of typical orders ( burgers, fries, salads, etc. ) and have less time to tend to such a needy & laborious machine, all in all. If you look at employee reviews on Glassdoor or Indeed, to add, you might see many employees complaining about having to clean the machine every day ( at some point, when they can even get to it and have the time to wait for it to finish, ha hah ) . It’s a real battle, and a side of things that the every – day customer does not get to see or realize.

Why not buy your own ice cream and its machine? That should solve these problems, should it not? Plus, you won’t have to wait in line, if the restaurant is full, he he heh…..no more long lines….I AM IN PARADISE!

Let me show you just a few models that I like and what you might need to pay, when considering alternatives to getting your ice cream from here :