Vevor 1800w Single Round Pan Fried Ice Cream Roll Machine 110v/60hz 50cm Pan Size

Author : Efrain S.

Here we are looking at an ice cream machine that is just a little cheaper than some of the other ones that I have talked your ears off about, he he he heh…. but one that is still no less valuable or useful at the end of the day. If you run a busy café, or heck, some small ice cream shop that does not get a whole lot of business, even, this machine can serve you well. Either way, it’s a good fit in any store or shop / restaurant location and makes wonderful, delicious ice cream, too. Every small and large piece, and part, of it, is made in stainless steel. And if you have ever seen stainless steel before on ANY appliance, you know that it looks good, regardless of whether it’s a fridge, a freezer, an oven or something else…. in this case, it makes for an elegant ICE CREAM MAKER / MACHINE, all in all, and that’s no lie, folks. Have a look at it for yourself online when you can, and the first thing that you will do is agree with me on that statement after seeing it for yourself with your OWN two set of eyes, hee he heh heh hehh…..

Now, then, I must bring to light the mere fact that a machine of this composition does not come without its very own quality – branded, convenient control settings, such as those allowing you to even adjust your temps anywhere from between -25~-35℃ , or in Fahrenheit, -13~-31℉, of course. That says a ton right there. It’s highly flexible and adjustable to your desire and really lets you control how ultimately cold that ice cream really is, in the end…. how much better can it all get, my guy ( or gal, whoever of my many readers happens to be reading this right now, he he he heh ) ?

And you can defrost with a single, simple button. Or, heck, you can do the same with just a foot pad. The two options are there, which makes it more comfortable, all in all… you get to decide which of the two you are most cozy with using, of course.

And did I even stop myself to mention that it’s got a really nice, fast cooling pan on it? Well, I mention it now. I guess it’s not too late to bring that up, he he heh heh. In fact, to get even more nerdy and technical with you, as you know I can’t help myself from doing, it’s a 19.7 - inch one, at that.

It’s also got great quality, built – in copper tubes that perfectly and evenly distribute themselves. They can make ice for you in under a minute, by the way. They also help the cooling process. You also get an intelligent control panel on the whole thing, which is another nice touch.