Seaweed Snacks

Written By A Special Writer : Your One and Only, Amazing, Awesomely Unique FOOD Expert and Guru….. Mr. Efrain E. Silva! ( Woot Woot! )

Seaweed snacks are one of my most fave snacks on the face of the UNIVERSE, and I am not over – stating when I say this. I have an interesting story, and some more to share, on how I discovered these snacks ( even, heck, where I discovered these snacks… of all places, heh eh e he hehe heh, and you will have to read to find it out for yourself as I do not share all my secrets in the first paragraph of any article, he heh ) , how good they really are and so much else. So let us jump on in and have some fun….

First of all, I never thought that I would be getting a Forever 21 credit card or shop there much. But I got pre – approved for one in the mail, accepted the offer ( since the $ 3,000 limit sounded good to me at the time, he he heh, and I had very little credit to start off with ) and got my card in the mail in just a few days. From then, I went to a location near my house and was pondering what to spend on…. when lo and behold, I saw a bright light above me ( not an angelic halo, he he heh, just the bright light shooting down from the ceiling of the retail store ) and descending on a “clearance” bin. On the bin, I found all kinds of “$ 5 or less” items, but what really drew my eyes in were these little plastic packs of sea – weed snacks.

“What in the heck? And of all places?” , I thought to myself. But I decided to buy a couple and try them at home. When I opened the packaging on each one, and took just a single bite, my mouth and my head were spinning…. but in a good way. I was thrust into a new utopia that I had never known before, a world of taste pleasure I had no frickin’ idea even existed. No kidding. And since then, I now go back to Forever 21 ( and only there, he he he heh ) to get my clearance – priced sea – weed snacks every single month. Now you might be wondering what these look like or taste like, right?

Well, a party in your mouth…. that is a good description. A salty party in your mouth ( but not too salty, and not lacking salt, but just the perfect amount of salty ) . They are green and crunchy. They taste better than salty Frito Lays. And they are healthier than heck, too… in fact, so many online research studies have shown this ; I have read every article that I can on the topic. These snacks wake up my mind and give me mental clarity, too.