Air Fryer to Boil Eggs

Author : Efrain Silva

Hi lads and gals! Ladies and gentlemen. Efrain again here, fueled and motivated by the rich opportunity to show you a recipe for air fried eggs that I really like. And it involves boiling them in your air fryer, something I know many of you did not possibly know about. It’s one of those “semi - hidden” secrets we kitchen owners like to think about and discover more on. It’s also a somewhat new concept in our times, but it can save you some time and hassle — in today’s busy era, how could that be anything bad at all, right?

So you wake up one morning and think, “I want hard boiled. I don’t want overeasy. I am NOT in the mood for scrambled. And my other accessories, like the regular egg frying pan, are currently in the dishwasher”. No problem, friend, that’s where this process comes in….

If you’re using an air fryer that’s at least 1400 watts, then this process will be ideal for you (or it might take a little longer if using a smaller fryer, but you will have to continually check just to make sure). Anything up to 1700 in wattage, here, is ideal for this way of doing it. And it involves putting a small amount of oil in first, preheating (a very important step that can lead to success or failure here) and also, as a side note, the avoidance of overcrowding that basket, even as tempting as it can be sometimes to do so. Based on your specific brand and model, the temperature specifics you need to engage will vary, so we cannot tell you exactly how to follow through on that part (but do make sure to have a good, quick look at your owner’s manual).

Let me tell you about one of the best air fryers, now, that you can ever get for the purpose of boiling eggs. It is known as the Power XL, and it is a 5.3 quart one. Its basket is one of the smoothest and nicest looking, as well, and it keeps your food nice and safe while it’s inside. That is what really matters, and it’s half the battle, no? But there is another great one I have just bought last year, which is the GOWISE USA model, and this bad boy is a 1700 watt air fryer.

It’s a digital one and managed electronically, made from the best in modern tech there is. It lets you even put up to 8 eggs in there, if you are good at organizing yourself and making the most of the limited space available. At one time, my wife even managed to stick in 9, but I think those eggs were a little smaller than most eggs you buy at the store today. Nonetheless, it worked, and this bad boy was cranking out some amazing hard boiled eggs that, to me, came out in just the right texture and feel.