Mansaf Jordan

Author : Efrain S.

The Jordan Mansaf is truly a unique and original dish made in —- you guessed it —- the Jordan, which will not taste quite the same, I must sincerely add, if you taste it anywhere else….it is truly original and distinct to its regional roots, you might say, and you can only know so by trying it out for yourself. So save money for a trip out there and prepare to give your taste buds a true vacation from what you usually eat. How about it?

Well, picture this —- you get some of the best dry yogurt, as well as some rice and lamb, and put them together on a plate…and that, my friend, is what you can come to know only as Mansaf. It is a truly unique platter made in a very delicate way while keeping these 3 main ingredients as fresh and properly preserved as humanly possible ( especially the dry yogurt, of course, but these Jordanian chefs somehow know how to pull it off just right, and for that, I am so thankful…. I am, as a matter of fact, already planning on making another quick trip to the Middle East soon, just to try this meal once more, ha ha ha hah ) .

Mansaf is a conflict – resolution type of food — yes, I am being serious, no joke. At least, over there that is what they call it. It is the type of meal that people eat when in need of ‘keeping the peace’ ( mostly among Jordanian tribes but also around the entire surrounding Middle East regions as well…. And God only knows that now, more than ever, some true and lasting ‘peace’ is needed in this region, in place of war and political divides ) . This kind of plate is mostly used for peaceful gatherings, as naturally follows, anything from a birthday celebration, to a bar mitz vah, to a wedding, to a family - get – together, to a religious or cultural festival….to anything else in between! You get the idea. It’s a special meal that can work well for any special, happy, peaceful & positive event, all in all, which is what makes it so great among the people of the Jordan, a truly praised dish, to say the very least here….

This plate or bowl can also be prepared with and / or contain nuts or shrak, in addition to jameed. On a side note, shrak is commonly known out there among the people of the Jordan as a celebratory bread and one of choice. It’s perhaps as popular of a bread out in that region as white Bimbo bread is out here in the U.S., just to give you a brief idea. Jameed, of course, is the dry yogurt I mentioned earlier, just a fancy pants name for it, he he heh heh.

Give this plate a try when possible. Experience the sensation of the Jordan, at least in terms of its food. Aliven your tastes!