What is a Fondue Pot Used For?

Author : Efrain E. Silva

Who’s ready to talk with me about the F word? And by F word, I mean, FONDUE, silly! All my blog material is fully age - appropriate, and you should know that by now, folks….

Anyhow, today I’m going to open up your mind and show you things, good things, things you may not have thought about and things you most likely did not hear of…..

Did you know that you can make your fondue pot do SO MUCH MORE FOR YOU, as your slave, than just simple melted chocolate or even gooey cheese? Indeed, prepare to have your mind blown. Prepare to take yourself in deep, to a world of new possibilities.

What are they? Well, well, patience, friend….we’re getting there…..

The first option is soup. Yes, soup. Many people do, as a matter of bloody fact (I’m half - British, don’t judge my writing or word play, he he heh), use it to make some warm soup during freezing - cold times ; winter and fall are ideal for using your fondue pot, so pull it out and dust it off and plug it back in. Tomato soup, chicken broth, minestrone, the options are endless, and each of them calls out to you, by name, from the outer realm…can you hear them? Your fondue pot itself is speaking, as well, telling you it’s time for soup. Even if your soup is frozen over, you can still make soup with the fondue pot — just drop that liquid into the pot, carefully, and any other spices, condiments, veggies, etc. you want to add in there, and set the heat setting to what you like. In most cases, you’ll just wait 30 - 60 minutes and done! Unless you have an older model or a slower one (time to invest in new, perhaps)….

You can ALSO deep - fry with your fondue pot —- no, I am not messing with you. If it’s an electric fondue pot, it can also work out as a small sort of deep - fryer when you need it to. Get that pot full of oil and then just get to deep - frying! You can do small donuts, latkes, onion rings, seafood. Get creative.

You can EVEN TRY campfire smores! Yup. Some people use their fondue for this, and I don’t judge them, he he heh. It’s a heck of a way to go. Just use your product as a sort of “make - shift camp fire”, holding your marshmallows above the heat itself that comes out of the pot (after you’ve melted some m&m’s, or other chocolates, in the pot itself first, if you want).

And guess what else? This is totally on a random note, but others have used their fondue to hold pencils. As a pencil holder, yup. And many have blogged about that as well and mentioned many other kitchen / home / office uses for THEIRS. Like I said, get creative — there is a genius inside each person just waiting to come out and make himself / herself known.