Gas Pizza Oven

What is it?

It’s basically a home pizza oven, which is mainly used outdoors, to which you can add gas as the source of power. It’s got many benefits, such as greater efficiency, cleanliness, compliance flexibility, and even some accelerated learning features, with it. For one, these also let you cook with wood, if that’s what you prefer….or you can even mix it up hybrid - style and use both wood and gas, respectively. It’ll usually let you do it however you choose.

And the combined efficiency of hybrid fuels is what lets you heat things up a lot faster than if you were just using wood by itself….without gas. And it’s easy and convenient to keep things at reduced temperatures, too, when you need to….no fuss at all. In addition, you’ll teach yourself a few things in the process and feel great about it, as a whole, since you’ll be able to get more predictable temperatures and more.

What can you do with it?

You can cook your pizza in different ways than before, such as by engaging a built-in, high-temperature thermometer within it. You can authentically cook your pizzas, the wood - fired way, all while enjoying the convenience that gas can offer. It kills a few birds with one stone. Plus, you can generally use this type of machine in allkinds of weather as most store - brand ones are also weather - compliant, meaning that they can still keep running if jurisdictions or conditions temporarily ban the use of wood fires; in this case, go with gas…..

How is it different from other pizza ovens?

It’s lets you use flame to heat up your pizza as opposed to less healthy, mainstream ways for getting it done. It’s also a more thorough, flavorful cook. This kind of oven also offers faster heating times than most people can come to expect --- as the general consensus is that, since this type of more ‘traditional’ pizza making method is more old-fashioned, it must take a whole lot longer to cook and keep the pizza hot, right? Wrong. In fact, you can expect heat - up times of 30 to 60 minutes here. No joke. Don’t believe the lies of the uninformed…..

How hot should a gas pizza oven be?

It should be no hotter than 500°F when you’re baking with softer kinds of dough, or other types of items in it --- such as bread. But when you’re putting in a pizza napoletana, for instance, you want to go high and shoot for a temperature of 800°F+. And after you’ve fully fired it up, it’ll retain its internal heat for many hours later….meaning you could put in anything else that needs a good cook - through, or you simply any other foods warmed inside. It’s great.

How do you cook pizza in a gas oven?

If you own a pizza stone, put it in first. This can make all the difference in the world, and it should be the very first step. Next, you will want to have your gas cranked on (and the pre - heat settings have most likely already been set for you, in advance, or they should be listed somewhere on either the instruction booklets, the company instructional video provided, or something similar). Pre - heat to the maximum you can.

Then, you will build the pizza (or have it already made) and slide that sucker onto your cooking surface. Close the oven door and let the fun begin...and you can feel free to check back up on the pizza, after some time, if you really want to. You can even check in after the first 5 minutes to see how things are going --- did someone call in a pizza doctor? Oh my….

Any other details?

There are many great listed sellers online. Top manufacturers even exist for this type of less - talked - about product. It is picking up more popularity and word of mouth, little by little. Who knows? One day, there may be one in nearly every home. Forno Bravo is currently one of the top brand sellers of gas pizza ovens, and other types of pizza ovens, as well.

And to further add, most gas pizza ovens come with a variety of features and other neat little functions, all depending on how much cash you’ve put down in order to get one, obviously. Some of these include safety gas leak detectors, a must - have when you’re working with any type of gas product, as well as high - temperature mortar for cooking in, pre - built into the oven….which always helps to have. Also, there’s burner control boxes included in many of these, in addition to ceramic fiber insulation blankets to better insulate that oven at all times. Get your gas pizza oven today, and see the difference.