Does Weber Sear Station Work?

Author : Efrain Silva

Friend, you have come to the right place and the best place : Grill lovers, and grill product lovers, especially, do not click away. What you are going to read now is a question that many of us have not been too bothered to ask, and you may be surprised by the answer : Does the popular Weber sear station actually work like it claims to? And is it any good?

Yes, it works great. It is worth it if you cook steaks on a regular basis.

So first of all, with this Weber product, start things out the following way to make the sear station work its best : Just start the grill like normal, then crank open the lid and turn the fuel on. Next, light up your main burners, keeping in mind that you ought to have your sear burner fully off during this pre - heating process. After that, you will want to close your lid again and be patient —- now, to properly pre - heat, allow a good 15 minutes. You can watch a couple quick videos on your phone, text someone you love, or do something to briefly pass the time as you wait, but do sit nearby and patiently wait (do not leave the room, in the meantime, and get distracted and forget that you have left the grill and sear area on).

Once you note the grill is at a minimum of 500 F, or a maximum of 550 F, then you can continue (and a temperature thermometer can tell you this — some grills already come with one, or you can buy one at a local store and attach it on later). Now is the time : Light up that sear station! You’ve been waiting over 15 long minutes for this precious moment. If you’ve got a Weber Summit type of model, many of the most popular ones, make sure the outer burners are off (or at least low). But if yours happens to be a Genesis model, by chance, then have the right burners off (or low).

Now, one of the most fun parts about this sear station is that you can play around with searing until you know you’ve got the right amount of time needed for each type of food that you want to sear. It can depend how long it takes and how you and others like it. So experiment, but our first recommendation, on that note, is to stick within a 1 - 4 minute time period here so as to not overcook or undercook. And the 1 - 4 minute mark applies to each side of whatever it is that you are searing. So in most cases, the maximum searing time should not be more than 8 minutes. We Weber fans all, for the most part, love to be able to reverse sear — we cook at low terms on the grill and then just transfer it over to the sear station. Many consumers have, indeed, noted their satisfaction with the Weber sear station and that it works nicely. It makes those grill marks just right, some say.