Blackstone Pizza Oven Review

Author: Joe R

With the way the world is nowadays, it’s completely understandable to desire making fresh pizza at home. It cuts out the need to deal with a delivery guy or having the Uber Eats show up a half hour late. But at the same time, frozen pizza just still isn’t cutting it when compared to the restaurant. So what’s the happy medium where you can get fresh pizza at restaurant quality while not having to open the door to your house? The Blackstone Pizza Oven. But before you buy, we’re going to let you know just how this model holds up the competition.

What it comes with

Blackstone provides you with everything needed to get your over running. There’s nothing that you need to buy for this model aside from the pizza ingredients to get the model working and ready to go. Here is what it comes with:


The Blackstone Pizza Oven doesn’t break the mold when it comes to the design layout of your typical pizza oven. It has four long legs that resemble a camcorder stand and takes a from a patio grill in its top half. The oven does come with wheels to make the portability aspect greater. Some other models lack that feature. Aside from the wheels, the oven also comes with a few things that other models traditionally come with like side shelves, a bottom shelf, and a thermometer. The bottom shelf is used for the gas bottle. Nothing about the features really sets this model as different from others, but the quality does hold up.

The things that do separate this model from the rest is the main cooking area. The pizza tray’s motor (which is powered by two D batteries) is quite impressive, allowing the tray to spin and rotate the pizza while it’s cooking. This enables the pizza to cook evenly. The way this model is designed also allows the pizza to burn slowly on both sides. Typically, other cheaper models don’t have this feature.

Heating times for this over is around 10-15 minutes, which isn’t bad for a stand alone model.


There’s nothing flashy or fancy about the Blackstone Pizza Oven, but to make up for its lack of flash, the durability kicks it up a notch. Using stainless steel for its base, the model itself appears to be able to stand the test of time and won’t bend to any quick wear and tear. The only thing that seemed a little flimsy about the over were the legs.


Our top issue for how this model runs is with the rotating tray. Sometimes it can get stuck and it’s not so easy to maneuver. And even though the model has wheels, with the flimsy legs, it creates somewhat of a sense that you have to be ultra careful while moving the model around. But other than that, when it come s to assembling and using this over, it’s pretty seamless. We also liked the fact the model stays heated without an issue.

The Good

The size of the model is great. Usually, whether it’s a microwave oven or a toaster oven, you’re restricted to a small size. But with the Blackstone oven, you can put a pizza that is up to 16 inches in. Other models rarely hit that threshold.

The rotating tray is awesome when it isn’t stuck. It makes cooking pizzas quick and easy. The double heating function where you have the pizza cooking on the top and bottom makes the experience seamless.

There also isn’t anything complex about working the oven. There aren’t multiple steps to cooking, and assembly of the oven was not a pain. To get this all around $300 is pretty good.

The Bad

We enjoyed the stainless steel aspect of the model, but overall there wasn’t a sturdy feel to the over. It’s yet to reveal just how long it’ll last but they could have done better in making sure the legs didn’t always seem like the oven was about to tip over.

The size is great for pizzas, but when you want to cook other foods in this model, you’re going to be severely limited due to size. It begs the question as to whether they chose to make this model smaller to save in the leg department. For $300, this model does well in a lot of areas, but it could have certainly been bigger.

The Verdict

The Blackstone Pizza Oven makes you feel as though you have the newest model on the market. It gets a lot of this right from the rotating tray, to heating, to speed, to making it easy to use. But when you look just a little closer, you’ll see the flaws in the model overall. JUst move the thing on it’s wheels and you’ll see that it’s not as sturdy as it is when it’s just sitting in place. But those are minor things. We thought that this model is actually worth the spend. It picks up the slack in comparison to other models on the market. It may not be perfect but it makes up for it in a lot of innovative ways. Right now, at this point in time, until another model comes out to capitalize on this one’s minor flaws, we would definitely recommend it!

And there you have it, that’s our review of the Blackstone Pizza Oven. We loved looking at the innovation and speed of it all. So if you have the $300 ready to go and you’re ready for some pizza, get on out there where pizza ovens are sold and pick one up!