What Kind of Cheese Does Chipotle Use?

Author : Efrain Silva

If you look closely at Chipotle’s main ingredients site, found here, you will note that two main types of cheese ingredients are used here : Monterey Jack Cheese (in many of its highly processed and easily distributable forms) and something called “cheese cultures”….hmmmm. This, when you think about it, does not sound all too enticing, especially when health experts like Jordan Rubin and Don Colbert (highly respected leaders in the organic health community, all in all) have further stated that such ingredients possess a whole wide range of synthetic, artificial materials and GMO’s. The sad truth about Chipotle is that, regardless of how good their food really tastes and smells once you are inside their restaurant, they are still a fast food business (albeit a more high - end, luxury fast food business, as some would even prefer to think of it as).

To add to this, on their main site alone (and you usually can’t trust Chipotle themselves, you’d have to go to a third party unbiased source, in my opinion), they claim that their cheese culture comes from a strain of bacteria but it is not the unprocessed kind, health experts in the Non - GMO community will attest. In fact, the page on cheese cultures itself gives very little to no detail as to what exactly the term “cheese cultures” fully encompasses and what the ingredients / health elements in that truly are. Furthermore, studies have found that anyone with a high dairy intolerance will still likewise have very severe problems even consuming this type of “healthy bacteria cheese” (unlike with non - GMO, dairy - free cheese cultures, which are truly full of SBO’s and other REAL, healthy gut bacteria, which even the most IBS - sensitive / lactose intolerant people can consume with ease…..interesting, no?).

Chipotle, like many popular fast food chains, uses high - quality images and catchy catch phrases to cleverly disguise the fact that their food is quickly processed, prepared and out the door (and in your stomach) in no time….making its multi - billionaire franchise owners a quick dollar. That is what this whole sick industry is about, and to further prove that, see (if you haven’t already) the true documentaries by the name of Holy Chicken and Supersize Me. They prove the point perfectly. But to further elaborate, just look at the Monterey Jack Cheese page for Chipotle….

I noticed two things : The link itself, once you read it in the search bar, actually says Cheddar Cheese and not Monterey. Many can interpret this differently, but the simplicity of it all is in the eye of the beholder ; nothing is hidden here. You’re eating processed Kraft singles that has been over - glorified, is full of bad carbs, awful fat (not like healthy fat) and will leave you feeling a little bloated due to all the artificial ingredients in it.

What’s the second thing I noticed? Ah, yes. There is no text describing the cheese’s sourcing or real ingredients.