Rice Cooker How Big Do I Need

Author: Efrain Silva

Five is such a good number, and as a matter of fact, I will confess to you what I have not even told some of my very best friends in our own little inner circle —- it is my 2nd favorite number, only after the number seven ( which represents, in many forms of life and points of view, luck and total completion of good fortunes…yes, if you hit 7 - 7 - 7 on the lotto slot in Las Vegas over - night, you will then know, thus, that I am not wrong….and you will feel a joy like no other….though I myself have not yet been so lucky, but I do say ‘yet’….one day, one day, one day, it’ll happen for me ) . Now why in the crazy heck do I mention all of this to you when you give me your precious time and attention in reading my craziness? Well, it is for the simple matter of the fact that this all ties into 5.5 cups.

That is the usual size that rice cookers come in.

Now when I seek to find further info on a matter, and write darn well on it, but not without a few spoilers to keep you intrigued and guessing ( and I tend to start off every single one of my blog reads, so check out the others, too, to know what I refer to in this instance ) , I do no less the same right here. This page will talk your ear off, just a few secs, about how, also, a typically measured 3 - 3.5 cup rice cooker can usually cook about 6 good bowls of rice for up to 3 people.

Also, if you want something of a bigger capacity, as your family is bigger in number, perhaps, then go for an 8.5 - cup max rice cooker which can serve up to 6 people ( that is, when you think about it, quite a bit of rice for left – overs as well, he he he heh ) . It makes about 16 bowls of rice. You can also, at best, get one of the largest ones known out there, which is the 10 – cup, which makes about 20 bowls and feeds more people.

So that is just a bit of info on the rice cooker and its many sizes it comes in, depending on where you like to buy, and I sure had fun with that number five as I started off this page. I hope you did too, and most importantly, learned a tad. Remember we are always here for you on this site and plan to launch many great new reads, so check back every week. We want to inform and entertain, two of my crazy specialties as a modern blog writer ( which I think most blog writers could seriously use more of these days, but to each their own as is said, he he heh heh ) . Read through this page again.