What Goes Well with Roquefort cheese?

Author : Efrain Silva

Friend, you want to know what goes great with cheese, and especially with Roquefort cheese? The answer is probably already on the tip of your tongue, as I’m sure you’ve heard it said countless times —- it’s wine! Wines go great with this type of cheese ; this is, as a matter of fact, one of the best cheeses you can ever choose to pair with certain types of wine, and we’re going to now look at this a bit more closely….

First of all, Cabernet is one of the best kinds to go along with this cheese — add along a bit of tender beef, and you’ve got the makings of a worthy meal. It’s not a bad combo at all. So want some cheese with that wine?

Red Languedoc wine is another great choice to mix in here, and there’s many respectable brands that make it. Just try the two alongside each other, and your taste buds will be the final judge of it all. You can’t go wrong with this coupling….in fact, just put a ring on it already and get the Languedoc and Roquefort together for the wedding meal of a lifetime!

Late - bottled vintage is the way to go here. French wine is best. Mix it up and see. Take an evening to tickle your taste buds, or perhaps put together a romantic evening to spend with your spouse (or with a great book and your own thoughts).

You know what else works great with this cheese, another match made in heaven? Walnuts! Yup : I said it — walnuts are a simple, easy choice that also taste great along Roquefort. Try it and you will see that for yourself, too.

You can also mix this cheese with some bitter leaves and some chopped pears, either in a bowl on their own or as part of a salad. You’ve probably eaten this several times in your life and never even stopped to notice it…it’s the good blend of hard or soft walnuts, dry and bitter, along with the taste of the cheese, not to mention the dressing (or even better yet, wine dressing, heh heh) that makes it all come together and sends your mouth watering for more. And you know how I mentioned beef as a good pairing option?

Well, to further add to that thought, and not leave you guessing, try melting some of this cheese on a burger or piece of steak. You will, I promise (unless you are lactose - intolerant), have one of the most joyous eating experiences you have ever had in your life, and I cannot stress it enough. You will thank yourself (and hopefully me) for having come up with such a creation. I’m serious.

They say you only live once while here on planet Earth, so why not make every single second of that count for something? Spoil yourself mad, with some Roquefort cheese and some wine, walnuts, beef, or anything else you enjoy.