Best Sushi NYC

New York City is a place filled with sushi restaurants. In this city, you will have no problem finding sushi but the quality does vary as does the price. You will not have to go far to find something but for the best experience, you will need to know the best restaurants. For this you can count on the reviews of the people who have come before you. You can think of them as your guinea pigs. Testing the waters before you. Taking the time to do your research can mean that you don’t have to try each place to find the best dishes.

Freshness is a top priority when looking for a good sushi restaurant. Generally the longest it will last for is 24 hours after preparation. The fresher the better and you would, of course, be better off with the most fresh sushi you can find. This is one of the top criteria when selecting a place to eat and one of the things we give a lot of weight to. The one exception to the 24 hour rule could be with rolls that are made using cooked ingredients but keep in mind that the quality will still decrease with time.

Kanoyama ( ) is a great choice for sushi in NYC. They do get busy on the weekends and don’t allow reservations. You’re best bet would be to try during a weekday for lunch or after work. Besides great food, the environment inside isn’t bad either and makes for a nice night out. This is another top tier sushi restaurant in NYC and can compare to any of the top restaurants. That said, the prices are not bad at all. This can be a very affordable meal. We recommend going with the sashimi omakase. It is a great selection and you can’t go wrong. Freshness is a priority here. Fresh fish is imported each day. Another thing to note, they do actually provide delivery service if you live in their coverage area ( listed on their site ). This is a great deal having some of the best quality sushi in NYC delivered to your door.

A great sushi NYC sushi restaurant to check out would be Tomoe . The rolls are artfully assembled and the sashimi is incredible. Chances are, There will be a long line, out in to the street. This place is really that popular. Some have called this one of the best sushi restaurants in the city.

Tomoe can be found in Greenwich Village at 172 Thompson St. The atmosphere inside isn’t anything special. The prices are high and that is because of the quality of the sushi. Our recommendation, if you try one thing, it would be the smoked tuna.

One place you will want to try is Tanoshi Sushi Sake Bar ( ). This is a small place that only fits up to ten people at the bar. The sushi here is incredibly good. You can be sure you won’t be disappointed. The only problem is the seating. It is so good and so desirable that you need to book at least one week ahead of time. This place is considered by many to be one of the best sushi restaurants in NYC. It is worth the trouble to get a reservation. The food is considered great by people who really search out the best NYC sushi. When comparing it to other establishments of similar quality, the prices is also very good. One interesting thing to note is that it is BYOS (bring your own sake) which has it’s advantages and can be fun.

If you like the scene at St. Marks Pl. ( really neat area ) you should check out Kura . This is another small restaurant. It is a little bit bigger, seating 13 people. It does get busy and if you haven’t called ahead, you will probably wait for seating. So long as you are OK waiting a bit that should not end up being a problem though. They have been known to give people free beer during a long wait. This is a place that is definitely worth visiting for the sushi. They have other dishes as well but the real reason to be here is the sushi. The other food is good but it doesn’t have the same level of excellence.

Another, more expensive option for sushi restaurants in NYC would be 15 East . Unless you absolutely have to have the best sushi you can possibly find or unless someone else is paying for it, this may not be the place for you. This is a top tier sushi restaurant. It is great if you are using a cooperate card and are OK spending the money. It wouldn’t be worth it if you don’t really appreciate good sushi. If you don’t have a serious appreciation, you will be better off going elsewhere.

If you are looking for a sushi restaurant in NYC that is known for great taste and isn’t too expensive, you might want to give Sushi Dojo a try ( ). This is another establishment located in the East Village. This is an all around great place. The fish here is extremely fresh and the chefs are highly skilled. All of the normal choices are there and there are also some less common choices of fish. One that everyone is talking about is the Tasmanian trout. If you go here, this is something that you will want to try. One of the highlights is that there is an in-house sake expert. You will have the chance to be served a huge variety sake from a knowledgeable expert.

Another, must try restaurant is Sushi Seki ( ). They have two different locations in NYC. The are open late and offer great fresh sushi at all hours. This is a great place. It isn’t too expensive and they have a lot of really creative dishes, for example, Sockeye Salmon with Wasabi Pistachio ( we highly recommend this ). Each dish looks and most importantly tastes incredible. This is also a terrific place if you like sake.

Ichimura at Brushstroke ( brushstroke-main )is basically a restaurant within a restaurant. This is a very expensive place. There is no menu. The food is all selected by the chef’s choice. If you are dining here, you are expecting the chef to be good, and he is very good. The starting price on the omakase is $195. When you eat here, you are pretty much putting yourself in the chef’s hands. He doesn’t disappoint. You will have many courses and they will all be absolutely great. Meals are improvised and customized for each customer. The chef has done a great deal of experimenting and tweaking resulting in very unique flavors. He has aging and curing to produce some extra special dishes. You will also be served a lot of non-sushi dishes. These are also all really good. If you want to eat here, your only choice is to reserve a spot for one of the two nightly seatings ( Tuesday through Saturday only ).