How To Use A Melon Baller To Make Truffles

Written By A Special Writer : Your One and Only, Amazing, Awesome Tech – Hardware FOOD Expert and Guru….. Mr. Efrain E. Silva! ( Woot Woot! )

Today we’ll be teaching you to MAKE TRUFFLES!!! HA HAH. Did you see that coming? Well, what you want to do is to be as mess – free, as you do this, as you possibly could be. You’ve got this! So I will show you how to do so, while using —- you’ve got it — A MELON – BALLER. Stick around…. this, you will not want to miss…

Now first of all, that very first thing you are going to need to run to Walmart to buy would be none other than the basic chocolate batter, of course. And I am sure that you saw that coming as well, he heh heheh heh. Some ( some meaning me, he he he heh heh, silly as I can be sometimes ) call it truffle batter. And what I found is some of the best batter, on this note, that you could use for this, would be anything like a basic no – bake cake batter ; try it. It is excellent for when making truffles in the process.

Now, what you are going to need to do next is to stick such batter in the fridge ; the goal of this step is to wait until it thickens, and putting it in the fridge, of course, will help it to do that. Once you notice that the mixture has thickened quite a bit and is not terribly loose, soggy, etc., then you can take it out to let it chill and then wait until it’s right under the basic room temp. So in other words, touch it and feel that it’s temperature is a little lower, or cooler, than the general temperature in the room.

Keep in mind that you do not want to scoop up choco truffle balls using your baller WHEN the mixture seems to be too cold. And certainly don’t do so when it’s at the room temperature itself or a bit above it. That is why I said to make sure that it’s at a bit below it…. so in other words, a bit cooler than the temp in the room. I repeat that again for emphasis as it’s super important to remember. Use a 1 – cm baller, which has got that ideal scoop size, and dunk it right into that batter with no mercy! Go all in. Use the tool’s hollow curve to scoop out those batter - balls. When you scoop, twist in – wards ( and by this, I mean, of course, towards yourself ) . Once the scoop end’s perfectly full of batter, and not over – loaded or yet lacking batter in some spots, then you can push it right up and set it down.

Easy and done. Thanks for reading! I hope you really liked what you saw here!