Best Home Crepe Maker Machines

Have you ever been lucky enough to taste crepes from an authentic French creperie? Well, when I went to Paris, I saw plenty of vendors selling the world’s yummiest crepes all around. And I could hardly resist myself. But can you make these at your home? Well, with the best home crepe makers, you can.

Crepes to the French are what pancakes are to Americans, except that the former are thinner and less fluffy. They are much larger and served folded or rolled. Crepes also have different sweet or savory fillings, such as fruit, chocolate spread or chives, and scrambled eggs. But to make all these, you’ll need the best home crepe maker. So, here are my top choices.

Top Crepe Makers That You Can Buy Right Away:

NutriChef Nonstick 12-Inch Electric Crepe Maker

When it comes to crepe making, it has to be quick and perfect. Acquiring perfection in the first go may seem impossible, but with the best electric crepe maker, it’s no big deal. So, I present the NutriChef Nonstick 12-Inch Electric Crepe Maker- our overall best crepe maker on the list.

I liked this crepe maker because of its non-stick aluminum griddle with a 1200-watt heating element. So, you can make crepes quickly and more efficiently. Thankfully, the lightweight and compact design of the crepe maker lets you store it anywhere you want. Furthermore, the same traits make it more travel-friendly.

The crepe maker features adjustable temperature settings. With the provided rotary dial, you can easily control the temperature for your cooking. I even liked the device more because of its versatile application. You can cook pancakes, eggs, and crepes or try out different recipes.

In the box, you also get a batter spreader and a wooden spatula. With these tools, you can easily create perfectly even crepes with the desired texture.



Health and Home No Edge Crepe Maker

This crepe maker from the brand Health and Home can be one of the best picks for you. With its extraordinary features, it helped me cook the best crepes.

I would like to talk about the cooking pan of the crepe maker. It is made from premium quality food-grade aluminum. Also, the non-stick coating helps you to accomplish a non-messy cooking task.

Sometimes, we can’t control the pan’s temperature, and thus the crepe becomes dry or burnt. To avoid problems like that, this particular crepe maker’s manufacturer has provided us with a temperature control knob. It works efficiently to get better crepes.

The red and green lights attached to the machine work as indicators of the machine’s temperature. The tools (spatula, spreader) that come along with the package come in handy when flipping, folding, or spreading the batter.



Chefman Electric Crepe Maker Griddle

Chefman is a reputed brand in the crepe world. And their products do not disappoint us. There is a tagline for the brand that says, “Craft the perfect meal from prep to plate without breaking a sweat.” And guess what? The machine does justice to its tagline.

The 12-inch non-stick cooking pan is what attracted me the most. Non-messy operation means less hassle for cleaning. Well, I am pretty lazy in nature. And they say lazy people come up with the best solutions. See, you don’t have to spend hours scraping and cleaning the cooking pan.

Another aspect that attracted me was its versatility. You can cook crepes, bacon, eggs, pancakes, and much more on the cooking pan—the fast heating time and efficient operation help to obtain a less complicated cooking experience.



MasterChef Cordless Crepe Maker

If you want to make crepes yourself on the way to a travel destination and searching for a portable pan, this should be your optimal choice. I guess you have already understood from its name that you can enjoy soft spongy pancakes with this crepe maker pan at any time, anywhere.

The best feature that made me love this particular machine is its cordless system. That means you can now cook perfect crepes without the obstacle of a curved chord coming in the middle. The lightweight and compact design allows you to keep it wherever you want.

Since the machine is cordless, you can expect it to be travel-friendly and portable.

Well, if you are worried about the budget, then let me assure you. This electric crepe maker comes at your disposal on a pretty low budget. So, this can be the best pick for you.



CucinaPro Electric Crepe Maker

This is also a reputed product in the electric crepe maker world. The brand CucinaPro does not ever compromise with the quality of the product. Hence, if you pick this product, you can rely on it with your eyes closed.

The machine comes with five different controls over the temperature for the best result. You will also have the chance to make crepes on a large surface with this machine. It provides you with a 12-inch large non-stick surface that helps you to flip and fold the crepes.

Since you can control the temperature precisely, making handmade tortillas, pancakes, and crepes is not that tough. Apart from all the expected features, what I found useful are its rubber feet that make it extra stable.




What else can I cook on a crepe maker?

Fortunately, crepe pans are versatile. Therefore, you can cook anything on it which can be cooked in a frying pan. For example, you can cook bacon, scrambled eggs, pancakes, tortillas, and many more on the crepe pans.

Does adding more baking powder make pancakes fluffier?

Baking powder and baking soda are two agents that make pancakes fluffy. But too much of anything is wrong. Similarly, if you put lots of baking powder or soda in the batter, you will have a much fluffy pancake with a chalky taste which is definitely not good.

What does salt do to pancakes?

Some people use salt in the batter of pancakes while others do not. It is completely your decision if you want to use salt or not. It is basically used for balancing the sweetness of the pancake.

Final words

Making and eating a delicious breakfast can make your morning unique. And with the machines mentioned above, you can make anything in no time. All of the crepe makers in the review section can satisfy your taste if you know how to use them properly.

All the products present to you minor cons and magnifying pros. But considering all the aspects of a crepe maker, I hope you can find your perfect match from the list mentioned above.