What Is A Noodle Board And Why Do You Need It

Written By A Special Writer : Your One and Only, Amazing, Awesomely Unique FOOD Expert and Guru….. Mr. Efrain E. Silva! ( Woot Woot! )

What is a noodle - board and why do you need it? Good, solid question. I like it. I liked to ask it. And I got my answer. And now, I will share some of what I had learned in my search…. with you guys. Please stick around….

Now first of all, then, I would like to just simply let you all know that a noodle - board is basically just a board that can sit right on top of your kitchen stove – top as it isn’t being used. And the goal of it, all in all, is to simply just allow more space to be used up when you’re not using the stove… in other words, it can take up space in the stove – top area. So you put it on your cooker top and you let it just sit there and take up some space, you are saying, Efrain? Yup, that is correct — but hold on as there is some more to share on this… stay with me, my friend….

I’ve now got some more ground to cover….

Now, then, some people think of the stove – top as sort of an ‘eye sore’, and if there are empty spots or large unfilled spaces across it, it can be unattractive or make your kitchen area, there, look sort of empty or plain. And this little space – taker, so to speak, sort of helps things look at least just a little bit more attractive, and your kitchen stove – top area less plain or boring, all in all. And who likes to look at stove – top circles? Some don’t. That is why a noodle - board ( which, by the way, has nothing to do with actual food noodles, in case you might have rightly thought that, ha ha ha ha hah…. do not let the name throw you off ) can come in handy sometimes. And especially if you are someone who loves quality and perfection with your kitchen, a person who is going for that perfect “visual curb appeal”… and perhaps has company over more often than you can to admit, he he he he heh.

Now let me tell you a bit else….

Now, there is the fact that noodle – boards are not just wooden. Some come in stone. Some resemble different designs. It all depends. Some places online let you choose from hundreds of different looks. Talk about pressure to buy, right? Pressure to pick the right one, out of so many, many, many! He he heh…

So yes, the famous noodle – board is solely decorative. But some people like to decorate ( and even over – decorate, which I have been known to do, too ) . And there is nothing wrong with that! Check these out online.