Electric Crepe Maker - Proctor Silex 38400

What is the best way to start the day? Perspectives may differ, but we all agree on one point. Starting the day with perfectly fluffy pancakes and maple syrup is, in a word, heavenly. Our energy and zeal are restored with the first bite of a perfectly cooked pancake.

But the thought of making these spongy crepes can make your heart sink. Thankfully, the manufacturers have introduced machines like the Proctor-Silex 38400 crepe maker, which can ease your suffering. The trouble of overcooking or burning is no more.

Features of Proctor-Silex 38400

Perhaps the best crepe maker in the market has been introduced by this company. It has many features that will blow your mind. Let’s look into what it has to offer us.

Build Quality

One of the essential features of any appliance would be its durability and build quality. Some of the machines come with a plastic body that melts over time because of heat. I will not recommend these plastic-made machines at all!

The good news is, that is not a problem for the Proctor-Silex 38400. It surely knows how to fascinate with its build quality and durability. The machine, with a stainless steel body, makes it more durable than the plastic ones.

Larger cooking plate

Often you get to see some of the crepe makers with a tiny cooking plate. They make your crepes or desserts disgusting. You do not want a microscopic breakfast, do you?

Within a large variety of products, I found this machine to suit my needs correctly. I wanted my crepes with at least 12 inches diameter. Well, this machine offered me more. It gave me a 13 inches cooking plate that makes my mornings heavenly. If you are fond of bigger and larger crepes, I will recommend you this machine for sure.

Temperature control

In order to cook perfect crepes, you have to control the temperature accordingly. The first time I tried to cook crepes, it became black! I could not control the temperature correctly. But, thankfully, the Proctor-Silex 38400 crepe maker has an extraordinary control panel of temperature. The machine comes with eight heat control levels. You can make handmade tortillas and various pancakes and crepes with the device. It lets you make your crepes golden brown while providing the optimal cooking temperature. So, your breakfast is not a disaster anymore!

Non-stick surface: Easy to clean

You must have noticed that the cooking appliances that do not have a non-stick plate give real headaches. The uncooked or overcooked batter always stays on the plate, making it even harder to clean. I feel most irritated when I have to clean the plate! That is so troublesome!

But guess what? I don’t face any problem while cleaning my Proctor-Silex 38400 crepe maker because of its non-stick surface. The cooking plate never becomes dirty, and the crepes come out perfect. So the labor for cleaning the crepe maker is minimal.

Well, that does not mean you will keep your crepe maker without cleaning it. That habit is unhygienic as well as harmful to the machine’s durability. Therefore, do consider cleaning it.

Tools in the box

The Proctor-Silex 38400 crepe maker comes with some useful tools for cooking crepes. The package includes an extra-long spatula, a batter cup, and a spreader. The batter cup and spreader help you to cook perfectly thin crepes. The extra-long spatula is designed for flipping and folding the crepes. You can understand that the product and tools have actually been created for you to accomplish the task of making perfect crepes.

Weight and dimensions

The machine, compared to the devices in the market, does not weigh much. This particular crepe maker weighs 5.19 pounds and has dimensions of 15.35 x 14.72 x 5.35 inches. The machine can be a little bulky to keep in your kitchen. But if you have plenty of space in the kitchen, you can give it a go.


The Proctor-Silex 38400 crepe maker has another advantage that adds an extra feather to its cap. It is moderate in budget compared to the other products. Hence, spending thousands of dollars on crepe makers is no longer needed.

Key Features:



Buyer’s guide:

Now that you have complete knowledge of what the crepe makers should do, this is time for you to look at the insights of the buyer’s guide. Some factors work as qualifiers for the crepe makers. Consider knowing about them before buying one.

There are two types of crepe makers, namely, gas crepe makers and electric makers. You can choose either of them. Just remember that the gas crepe makers are not portable. Look at the size of the cooking plate of your crepe maker. Try to buy some crepe maker that has a surface larger than 12 inches.

Also, consider the type of cooking plate, temperature control system, and tools that come along with the machine.


Why do crepes stick to the pan?

There can possibly be two reasons for that. If the cooking plate is too hot, the batter becomes overcooked or burnt and sticks to the plate. Another reason is, if the plate is not heated enough, the batter is more likely to stick on the pan, and you cannot flip it. Try to heat the pan perfectly to get your crepes done without any complication.

What size is the best for a crepe pan?

For home usage, the crepe pans having diameters of 7.5 inches to 16 inches are the best. Try to pick a pan that is between 10 to 13 inches for a better result.

How thick should the crepe batter be?

The crepe batter should be extremely thin! It should never have the consistency of pancake batter. Otherwise, you will end up making rubbery crepes.

Final words

With appliances like the Proctor-Silex 38400 crepe maker, life has become more easy. You get a fantastic morning experience effortlessly. But like all other appliances of the market, this one also has some pros and cons. But the negotiable hustle can be agreed upon if we look into the features and the moderate budget of the crepe maker. Indeed, the advanced technology and marvelous features will steal your heart!