Stoelting Ice Cream Machine

Author : Efrain S.

So for real ice cream, you might need a machine like this, and it can also crank out milkshakes, gelato and other sorts of frozen dairy treats. Now, first of all, this machine is of nice silver — and you can see many photos on the web. It’s smooth and elegant. Very shiny, very pretty. It’s not too glossy in look.

Also, it cranks out any two flavors you would like to load it with ; it’s got top knobs, of black color, that are easy to spot…. these you can use to help crank out the ice cream from either the right or left side, of course. There are three of these knobs right in the middle and four on all sides, total. The white tubes underneath them are what let the ice cream come out through —- they basically push the ice cream out for you once you press on those knobs. Many like to mix vanilla and chocolate, for instance, into a single mixed flavor, if those two happen to be the two flavors they pre – load on each side of the dispensers. If so, they just need to crank the knob in the middle to get that hybrid flavor up and running, and in their mouth in no time! It’s easy and quick to turn the knob and get the ice cream churning out whatever flavor was chosen…. no rocket science here in this process, folks, which is why this machine is so easy to use, and it is also, by the way, not hard to clean ( just remember to turn off and un – plug, remove the trays and get to it ) .

For this kind of machine, it is recommended to clean every month or so…. do not let it be used for 2 – 3 months without getting it at least a decent clean and check – up. It is a high – powered, top – notch, fast – producing machine and needs regular maintenance to make sure things are going as smoothly as they can be. Do not forget to take the tubes apart and thoroughly scrub them as well as wash them ( very hot running water for 1 minute is ideal ) to avoid getting ice cream stuck and freezing in there, which can cause blockages and other issues if you do not deal with it soon.

This machine sells, whether new or re – furbished, for about $2,800 - $3,000. It’s worth the money, though, if you hate the hassle of having to start the car, drive out to an ice cream shop, and then pay $15 or more just for a small to medium cone. This bad boy machine can get you the ice cream you want and fast, and at no extra cost. Just buy the supplies and ice cream ingredients for it, of course, and you’re good to go. Now could ice cream pleasure be any easier than that?