Outdoor Pizza Oven

You want to know all about making your pizza ‘the different way’ this time around? Then you are in quite the luck. Now, we’ll discuss some outdoor oven pizza facts you probably didn't know, especially considering cooking with brick…..enjoy!   

What's the difference between brick oven pizza and regular pizza? 

There’s reduced cooking time, at higher temperatures, mainly. And this implies a pizza that’s also more thoroughly heated, retaining less grease, and is healthier. It’s also tastier, in some opinions.

Homemade pizza oven temperature? 

450 and 500 degrees F but an outdoor woodfired oven is going be more like 800 F.  

What is the best outdoor pizza oven?

Check out the one offered by Pacific Living, when you get a minute. It’s made of stainless steel and represents quality in every part of the cooking process, and it’s no reason why thousands already approve of it and wanted it to rate it at 4 / 5 stars on many consumer sites. It’s worth about $1,100, dependent on who your supplier ends up being, but it’s likely you can get a 20 % discount online and knock off a ton (from the main listed price). It can even cook up those massive, 16 - inch pies. 

How much do pizza ovens cost? 

If you’re hoping to get a good conveyor pizza oven, don’t expect to fall under a price range of appx. $5,000, and these are just the “bottom of the barrel” ones...as low as they go. But for better quality ones, your wallet could even take a $30,000 hit. It all falls back on consumer budgeting --- how much is this worth to you, and how much did you want to spend? 

Some very basic outdoor pizza ovens, however, can be found used for about $2,000. Get one online. Save on shipping, if it’s possible. 

How much does it cost to build an outdoor pizza oven? 

Aha, yes! Now we got down to the nitty gritty of it...and we’re going to look at a DIY solution. How do we get you started on this?

Well, first of all, have you given thought to whether you want to set aside some pre - made kits and build off of those, or if every material product will be entirely from scratch? Also, will you be building it, or will a secondhand contractor do it? Save at least $3,000…..

What can you cook in an outdoor pizza oven? 

In addition to all types of pizzas and their dough, you can also put in just about anything else...that would go on the grill or in your oven at home. It’s really that simple to make the transfer. Just imagine being able to put in fish, chestnuts, whole stews, and even potatoes. Heck, how about any other type of veggie that needs a little roasting?

You could even cook some delectables. These can be pastries or anything else to that effect. Try some calzones, galettes and more. The sky’s the limit, and your own creativity has to set it….with a tad of common sense, of course.

Can you use clay bricks for a pizza oven? 

Yes, you actually can. Just make sure that you stay within a cooking range of 1,000 degrees C and you should be just fine. Standard, clay house bricks should do well with no problem at all (which are solids, of course, and not wire cuts). They can still withstand reasonable heat.

What kind of stone is used in a pizza oven?

Classic pizza stone, as used by most, holds many kinds of advantages, such as being able to better absorb moisture as that pizza bakes...and gets ready to fall in your mouth. The crust, as a result, will also be crisper. But you can even try other stones, like DIY ones, which might offer a different cooking experience from their unglazed, quarry tiles, for example. These are usually more inexpensive, as well, a cheaper stone you can find.

Just remember that certain less - durable types of stone can more easily break or crack. Get something firm. Check your Lowe’s. 


Can you bake a cake in a pizza oven? 

You can try it, but keep in mind that the result has been different for many online reviewers discussing their experience. Remember the following, too : Traditional pizza ovens can’t regulate heat as well as more modern in - home ovens or microwaves, for instance. This is because pizza ovens are made for cooking things in high temperatures of heat and for longer periods of time. 

And the delicacy of a typical cake will usually require nothing less. Yet few have been able to bake their cake successfully. Try baking it on the pizza oven’s “warm” temperatures, at their lowest, such as 160 F….but don’t expect much.  

Can I bake cookies in a pizza oven? 

It’s usually best to only cook pizzas in this type of oven. It’s simple --- once the fire’s been lit, once again, you can’t really control the heat temperatures. To do so, you would have to remove the oven’s entire heat source...and stop the whole process. Plus, such high temperatures would melt the cookies.

Does a pizza oven have to be round? 

It doesn’t have to, necessarily. But it’s a good option if it’s round, ideally the best one. That’s simply because a round and spherical dome can better bounce the heat evenly across the cooking floor. But I’ve heard of non - round ones, too, that work well…..  

Last thoughts here? 

Some people prefer this type of pizza for the feel it gives them, of having tried something more traditional...which was made outdoors and is a bit healthier. And they also prefer to make it that way, reminding them of past times. Plus, it’s energy - saving, too, as it won’t consume as much as a high - power microwave will, for instance. 

It all depends on you. Want to give the outdoor pizza oven a try, especially on those warm, late - spring Sunday mornings? It could definitely change your experience!