Pizza Oven Gloves

Author : Efrain Silva

We all have different kinds of gloves we like to use when making pizza in the oven, but one brand that I think makes the best out of them all is none other than the famous OONI USA. This known brand sells its gloves online for only — get the next part, if nothing else — $20!!!! That is a good way to get something great and not pay too much, although you always get what you invest in. Nonetheless, these gloves are worth the small investment and you can make a good use of them for the next couple of years or more. Just remember that wear and tear does eventually become a thing with any item you buy, even a quality pizza oven glove pair.

But since you may not be using these gloves to make pizza every single day, or using your oven daily, depending on your situations, then these might last you a little longer than the 2 - 3 years I originally considered. I bought a good pair of these and had it last for 4 years, but that is because I only use my oven like once or twice a month. Yet when I do, I always put these gloves on when taking hot food out. And my hands do not feel a thing, so that is how I know I got a good bang for the buck I paid to get them.

When adding fuel to the pizza oven, have these gloves on as well — just a bit of advice for you to be mindful of when moving forward. These black leather gloves look elegant, as well, and really manage to protect every fact of your hands as they work near that hot pizza oven (or regular oven, too). They are also made in the U.S., so if you purchase a pair or more, you will know that you helped in supporting our economy with this purchase. And God knows it needs our help now more than ever, COVID and all else.

These gloves work best, as their seller states, on OONI MULTI - FUELED OVENS. But of course, that’s just good advertising that sometimes works on more conscious buyers. You can use them on any pizza oven you have or otherwise. Regular ovens are fine with them, too.

One of the best things that I also happen to like about this pair of gloves is that each pair is made in a “one - size - fits - all” format. So no matter how big or small your hand, it should adjust itself to fit it nice and snug. How cool, right?

These gloves only come in red color. So if you are a multi - color option sort of person, they may not be your style. Or if you hate red, they may not work for you. Either way, give them a try and see for yourself! What can it hurt, my friend?