How to Sharpen Meat Slicer Blade

Author : Efrain E. Silva

So, guy, you’ve sharpened rollerblade blades before. And you’ve sharpened bathroom razor blades. Heck, even garage saw blades have seen your best sharpening. And why not regular sword blades? You’ve probably done those, as well, in some time past…..

But now, it’s time for me to talk to you about meat slicer blades, a whole different kind of animal yet not really so. Once you’ve sharpened one thing, you know how to basically apply that to sharpening another. Anyways, this is going to be a bit about some things you should know when doing so, so read on…..

If you notice that you have been using your blades here for quite a long time and start to see them become incredibly dull beyond measure, then there is no way around it….you already know : you are going to have to either sharpen or get a new meat slicer, and we think the first option is the cheapest. So if you like to save some cash, and who does not? Then follow what I am going to share here.

First of all, get the right tools, which would be some strong gloves that are resistant to cuts (yes, many places do sell cut - proof ones, so just ask), a sharpening stone, cooking or lubricating oil, and some safety goggles. Now, the other items to get are optional but still help so very much and I recommend you add them to the list : a blade sanitizer, a tarp for the messiness, and some very soft towels or washcloths. The first thing you are going to want to do, after you have properly double - checked that the meat slicer is, in fact, fully turned off and disconnected from its power source (if you happen to be making use of an electric meat slicer, of course), is to let the meat slicer cool down for a bit before continuing (given that it had been running for some time, now). That’s right….it’s been hard at work for you, so give it a break.

Then, when you are ready, open those blade covers carefully and start to wipe each blade. With what, you ask me? Well, silly, with detergent water and one of those washcloths, of course! He heh.

After that, make sure to properly dry each and every single one of those blades by simply rinsing them. Apply the oil to each. Use your sharpener stone to adjust every last one of those blades accordingly, and your slicer’s user guide can usually tell you more on how to use such a stone with it. Re - connect the slicer and power it on to let those blades spin and spin and spin for just a little while. This helps with grinding, too, which is so crucial.

Now, make sure to turn things off after a few minutes. Check to see that each of your blades is sharp enough. If they are still not quite as sharp as you would like, then just repeat the process.