Weber Jumbo Joe 22 Premium Charcoal Grill

Author : Efrain Silva

Are you a bit behind on the times this summer, and wishing you could just have a nice little minute to catch up with your family? Has the current crisis just been too much for you, and turned you into a workaholic sort of mom or dad? I know I certainly have been prone, especially as of late, to steer in that direction….and with the current economic crisis just the way it is, I can not risk not working, especially when it comes to covering my family’s every single need.

Yet with all that said, we can’t let summer not be summer, especially for the sake of our kids who have been waiting since the start of the year : With that in mind, it is high time for those summer pools (with social distancing), those nice 4th of July backdoor barbecues, and all that good stuff. Just remember to be safe and practice safe distancing with all you do. Let the summer carry on!

And what better way to make this the summer you will not forget than to get the Weber grill you’ve been eyeing ever since last summer, when your spouse told you it was not affordable or the list of urgent needs? Well, let this be the summer in which things take the right turn, for the better. Put your money down on this type of grill and let it change your outdoor eating experience. Save on restaurants, practice cooking up some quality flank steaks, and still have the time of your life this season, all while still being able to stay at home as much as possible.

The Jumbo Joe 22” has got you covered, with its 10 - year warranty and it’s all - weather wheels. You can cook outdoors, anytime day or night (even in the rain, if you have the right cover for it, which comes included with the purchase on top of that, just as a side note). This black charcoal type of grill can make some of the most delicious fish tilapias, salmon smoked, smoked honey hams, chicken and much more. Why not celebrate Labor Day with some burgers and hot dogs, the old - fashioned American way, and call yourself a true Patriot? The land of the free, they call it, and with products like this one, we can truly smell the freedom from just a few delicious feet away (and our hungry neighbors might smell it, too, and perhaps even come over for a bite).

There’s a great new nylon handle that comes with this special model of grill, and it is comprised of the best glass - reinforced material you can buy. And to get all this for just around $74 - $91, depending on the home decor style, seller and more, that is considered a really nice deal. This grill, you can and should use over and over and over again, at least for those first 10 years (after which point you might start to think about getting a replacement). Grill on!