Kalamazoo Pizza Oven

Many call this brand’s pizza oven one of the very best that money could ever hope to buy. Let’s see why. Well, first of all, as I note, it’s gas - fired and comes in stainless steel, offering two wonderfully modern commodities in a single blow. Also, there’s no installation needed, as it’s all included in the way the countertop has been designed. 

Plus, ultimate convenience also comes with the fact that you are able to cook to maximum, top speeds, for a full heat, within just 20 minutes. Sometimes, if you’re really lucky (and perhaps if it’s especially hot outside on that particular day), you might even reach your top cook - heat speed in under 20 minutes. Yes, it has been known to happen. But either way, the most you could ever expect to wait is 20 minutes, so that is not bad at all…..

You do need to pre - heat for like 45 minutes, though, if you want to get the best cooking experience. But just do anything else as you’ve got it set to pre - heat, and in no time, it’ll be time to put that pizza dough inside the oven. Those minutes will pass by like nothing, believe me. You’ll have so much else on your mind that it won’t seem like time is slowly passing by, which is a good thing….stay busy, and the wait won’t seem as long, at least --- that’s one of my own little tricks, or ways of seeing it, in my point of view. It sure helps when you change your perspective, but anyways…..

Neapolitan-style pizzas can even get quickly cooked in --- not five, not four, but three ---- minutes. Yes. That’s right. That is after the pizza oven has been pre - heated. Man, that sure is fast!

The Artisan Pizza Oven is the general pizza oven that Kalamazoo sells, but the business sells it in numerous forms as well. You can get the product as a built - in pizza oven, which just simply means that someone has taken the time and effort to gladly install it in your location, be it home or commercial business. You can also get the pizza oven on its own, sold as a non - detachable part.

You could even get this same version of it but with an oven cart attached, which makes the overall product a little bigger and longer. And last but not least, you can get the entire pizza oven station. Now, looking back at these 4 different options, keep in mind that the pizza oven cart itself will be the cheapest option and the built - in oven will be the most expensive. 

What types of reasons, you might be wondering, do people need pizza ovens for? Well, first of all, this is considered a need for those who are classier and more elegant than most, particularly in the way they eat, those who maybe enjoy the flair of fancy pizzerias and restaurants but dread the commute from home….those who perhaps desire a form of life more simple, in which more can be done from home. The modern pizza oven is made for those types of people, and my parents and I just happen to be fit in that category. 

These pizza ovens are also for those who like to get a little healthy wood in the flavor and taste of their pizza ; that might sound weird, if it’s your first time hearing it said like that, but it’s really not. After all, in primitive times, they had wood and nothing else to cook with, and flame was how the job really got done. And with this brand of pizza ovens, it’s similar but slightly different….remember that gas is the main fuel source, usually, with this pizza oven. 

Wood flavoring can be delicious ; just try any regular pizza, and then try a wood - fired one right afterward, and you will see. Did we mention it’s soooo many times healthier, like heaven to earth healthier? There’s a major difference here, too, especially given that calories, fats and carbs unwanted can get better burnt to a crisp, leaving a more thin, deliciously crisp end - result pizza. 

Picture getting that instead of a fat, floppy old slice that drools of butter and grease when you drop it on your plate. Now that you think of it, the thought might even disgust you a bit. And perhaps it should. But with a properly heated, wood - fired pizza like from Kalamazoo’s, this won’t happen. That’s for sure. 

You can make any type of pizza or calzone also when you use this product. Did we mention it? And the process is just as easy as it would be if you were using traditional ovens. This business has built every single one of its pizza ovens, along with its other products, by hand….in Minnesota. 

The convenient size offerings of these pizza ovens also make them a more adequate fit in about any type of back yard. Make sure to account for measurements before ordering, of course. And whether it’s New York style, Chicago style, Napolitano style, or any other style of pizza that already exists (or that you invent), this pizza oven can cook it….and well. 

Furthermore, stainless steel sheet metal, that is of marine - grade quality, is what’s used when building every pizza oven. Kalamazoo promises this. It does not lie. And you get precise & responsive controls with these ovens, which means that you’re not forced to just have to rely on nothing but heat - absorbing bricks (as they slowly heat up or cool down every single time you choose to change that temperature, such an annoyance…..). 

304 stainless steel is what we’re describing here, too, not just any kind of stainless steel. This type is some of the most durable on the market. All in all, a pizza oven made by Kalamazoo is made to last. Make your purchase if you want to know more. 

Get the full pizza station if it’s in your price plan. If not, save up for it. You’ll get all that you pay for, friends!