Meat Slicer - Everything You Need to Know

Author : Efrain E. Silva

Meat slicers rock, don’t they? Why don’t they get enough attention in some places? Indeed, they’re all the more worth chatting about. And we are going to aim to explore the very matter just a little bit closer, so sit down and don’t get up. He heh. I am going to kidnap your eyeballs, as you read this screen carefully, for the next few minutes….your attention is all mine, mweh he hehhhh…..

So the question that has been burning on the tongue of many people interested in trying such a product has been : What is all I need to know about it? And basically, when you really get down to thinking about it, that is just one swell heck of a fancy way to say, What can it do for me? Right? That is what we all care about, at day’s end. It’s what satisfies our thirst, so to speak.

Now, first of all, the very reason people even get a meat slicer, to start off with, is because they would like to be able to slice their meat to a very specific standard. In other words, a thinner slice is what they are really going for…and how thin that slice is would just depend on how thin they need it to be. Many food businesses also have such a product for that very reason, and you will even find it in most grocery delis when people cut your meat or cheese to perfection.

The ease of use is also another main reason this product even exists, and what I mean here is that it takes the work of cutting, making the person preparing the meat have one less thing to worry about….the slicer does all the slicing, and can continue to do it for multiple slabs of meat, day in and day out. Talk about saving effort on labor, right? That’s the whole point here, and meat slicers are made just for that!

You will also need to know that there are 2 types of meat slicers and not just one : For instance, there is the typical manual meat slicer and there is the electric meat slicer…neat, right? The electric one is also known as the automatic meat slicer, so if you hear that name at any time, just know that the very same thing is being referred to, of course. Unlike what most would think, electric ones are actually not too expensive and won’t cost one arm or one leg, he heh.

They also come with a whole bunch of bells and whistles — meaning safety switches, guards, rails, etc. Keep in mind horsepower and blade size. Your safety and efficiency is what they most account for here. Know that.

But of course, if you can’t get electric service somewhere, for some reason, or don’t have an opening in the wall to plug in a cord, the manual meat slicer is there for you. In such cases, it is a slaughter house worker’s best friend.