Primo Hoagies

Written By A Special Writer : Your One and Only, Amazing, Awesomely Unique FOOD Expert and Guru….. Mr. Efrain E. Silva! ( Woot Woot! )

Now let me tell you about the time that my little brother got me hooked on a neat little sandwich that I had never tried before… heck, or even heard of before. It is called a hoagie. And he can make it like it is no one else’s business… yup, that damn good. He knows how to make one each and every single time that I come over to his place. He knows how to slice up the meat, how to cut and wash the veggies, how to apply the sauce, heck, even how to prepare the bread before – hand. You could call him a true hoagie master, as you might have heard the term…. if there was ever a wizard of the hoagie, it would be him.

He also introduced me to a nice little place known as Primo Hoagies, where they make some of the very best Philly & Jersey – based hoagies. This place is dope. You have to try it out some time. In fact, it is so dope that I chose to make an article about it today. You ought to keep reading…. I have a lot to share here, and by the end of it, you will at least know a bit more about a great chain restaurant that you can try out, not to mention hoagies themselves, he he he he heh. So let us get to it!

First of all, then, I would like to simply just make a mention of this next here fact —– and it is a true fact, mind you, folks —- primo hoagies, like the way they make them there, come in 3 different basic sizes. Yes, indeed, they come in small, they come in primo size ( he he heh ) , and of course, they also come in whole size. That is how the 3 sizes are called and labeled, and in case you ever wonder when you go out there to a location, these 3 sizes basically just mean this : the small is the smallest one, the primo is a medium, and the whole is a large. Those are your 3 hoagies sizes, now, there you have it!

And let me go ahead and tell you just a bit more….

A small one will typically cost you like $6. A primo one will cost you about $8.49. And a whole one can cost ya a full $20! But for some, that whole one is well – worth it, and it fills any hungry stomach in minutes!

Also, Primo Hoagies specializes in using quality – brand genoa salami, in case you were anxious to ask. They also use American – style cheese. Some of their other ham, as well as bologna, is imported locally, though. Check out Primo Hoagies when you get a chance. See if you like it!