Mickey Mouse Hamburger Press

Author : Efrain E. Silva

Mickey Mouse! Mickey Mouse! Yay. Remember that old Disney dance song? We all love the furry little creature, some of us more than others ; in fact, I do not remember even a single time in which he (or his hot mouse girlfriend, Minnie, too, for that matter) did not make me laugh or jump for joy or feel happy / like a child inside. Nope. Not one time.

And since we have theme parks built around this special little fictional person, not to mention t - shirts, movies and shows, billboard ads, commercials, and just about every other kind of merch known to man, why not make a burger press in honor of loveable Mickey as well? Well, if the idea had popped into your head at any point, know that you can’t claim it as your own and patent it — he he heh. Someone already beat you to it. There’s a great Mickey Mouse burger press that has YOUR name on it and wants you to claim it (your name is not literally on it, but you know what I mean, though wouldn’t that be cool? Maybe for a future product idea).

You just need to Google “mickey mouse burger press” or something like that, and you will instantly find out that this is a product that is not only popular among kids but even unashamedly so among adults who grew up with Mickey. I mean, after all, who does not like getting their burger patties pressed and formed into the shape of Mickey’s head (although, I guess, some have said that they do not like the notion of eating Mickey or biting his head off as they enjoy their burger, but to each his own, we say)? There is no greater joy than to have this small press and have the feeling of being at Disney Land or Disney World and sharing the magic moments with your loved ones, and yes, this burger press really does make the shapes perfectly. Each patty that you press on will come out in that perfect form of Mickey’s head, even nicely showing his two rounded ears, in turn.

It comes with its own bun cutter, too, which means you can make the full burger into Mickey’s head and not just the patty you have pressed down on. Isn’t that great? And I KNOW that was going to be your next question about it — I could just sense it from far away, with my powers of knowingness, he he heh. But in all joking bliss, this product ranks 4.5 stars (out of a total 5), so you know it’s great! Ha ha. I could not be happier in writing this, and I think you are likely already ecstatic in reading it, too.

Plus, it only ranks 5 and 4 stars on Amazon. I mean, when you see it HERE you notice that no reviews were bad. None. Yeah, Mickey!