What To Serve With Chocolate Fondue

Written By A Special Writer : Your One and Only, Amazing, Awesomely Unique FOOD Expert and Guru….. Mr. Efrain E. Silva! ( Woot Woot! )

If you are a true choco – fan ( chocolate fan, in slang, as some of us like to refer to it as, he he he heh heh ) , then you can not have enough of choco wherever you go, whenever you eat, whatever you dip. So in this case, why not start by trying to dip some choco in choco, for a change? I am talking about a nice, soft choco – brownie or a chocolate cookie. How about an oreo? These options are a great start, but if you are just a bit more of a health nut ( and nothing wrong with that at all, now ) , then you might go for a slightly healthier option like a blueberry or a blackberry. Yup, dip one of these in your choco – fondue, and it’s a lovers paradise of taste and wonder! You get natural sweet with sugar – sweet, all in one!

Fruits are great, in general, for serving next to choco – fondue just for that very reason — it’s a healthier snacking option that you can feel at least a little bit less guilty about… a guilty pleasure that’s not so bad, after all. The fruit, of course, is always healthy, and the fondue makes the taste even more delightful, all in all. And of course, have you thought of the usual strawberries – in – chocolate sort of thing? When you put out a nice little bowl of strawberries ( or heck, even apple slices ) next to that fondue, it makes a nice pairing and a smooth snack or dessert, in the end. Just put out a small plate of sticks next to the fruits, which you can then grab a stick from and poke your piece of fruit, and then dip it into that fondue…. and let the bliss of taste take you away to a whole new world of pleasure, at the end of the day!

You can also serve some small donut holes or mini – donuts ( plain is best, usually, since you can then just dip them in the choco and get the flavor from there ) . Even plain cookies, like sugar – less ones or even oatmeal raisin ones, also make a great addition to your choco – fondue. And I promise you that if you put these out, next to the choco – fondue, where everyone in your group can see them, no one will fail to thank you or turn their eyes away…. you have brought some delicious pairings to the table, and all that the people in the room are thinking of doing next is running over and grabbing a plate, he he he heh. And you’re the one who put it out there for them to grab, so a pat on the back to you…. you just brought happiness to the room.