Rolled Ice Cream / Stir-Fried Ice Cream

Author : Efrain S.

This type of ice cream is anything but old school or traditional ; in fact, it is still ice cream, as we know it, but it is done differently than by the conventional methods that you and I are familiar with, more than likely. If you grow up like most of us, including me, you ate ice cream from either a cup or bowl or cone, right? I think that’s what pops into most our minds when we think of ice cream. And with this type of ice cream, and its two distinct names, rolled / stir – fried, none of that really changes too much…. but what does change is the overall look of the ice cream itself, which is, this time, a lot more spiraly than before. It takes ice cream to a whole new level and gets rid of the old school ‘scoop’ or circular ball sort of look that we are all accustomed with. And that is not a bad thing, of course, just different —- keep that in mind. And yes, oh yes, of course, there will always be the nay sayers who do not like to come along and try something new or in a different form.

This ice cream is also prepared differently than usual, which is why it looks and feels different in the end….more smooth and spiral shape, and sometimes more thin as well. But its taste, more or less, still holds the same. Now, I mentioned its preparation being just a bit different than the usual norm with ice cream, or the way it has been made for so many decades, and what I mean is just that it tends to get spread out evenly over a metallic type of surface, and spread out more thinly ( hence, it being more thin, all in all, as I noted ) . These thin rolls are not hard to make if you have the right tools or a rolled ice cream maker / stir – fried ice cream maker, and I suggest you spend on one…. it makes for such a cool, unique little experience, rolling your own ice cream, he heh.

Now by the way, you should know this ( paying attention, still? Are you with me? Just checking….don’t miss this next part ) : If you have the machine to make this ice cream, all you really need is some condensed milk and some cream, preferably sweet condensed milk, for flavor. This type of device will usually come with a soaking tray, a user guide with step – by – step guidance and perhaps even a flavor or two, to get you started. Check on Amazon. They have so many affordable ones you can order used, if you want to save and start with a cheap one as you get used to learning how to make your own rolled ice cream. Fun times.