Forno Bravo Pizza Oven

For a modern, modular pizza oven that’s been professionally assembled with no less top - notch skill and pride all around, and by experts who love the pizza business and want to see it come to full fruition, you’re more likely not going to find any other brand provider of higher - scale reputation and class than your very own Forno Bravo. Forno Bravo is, as a matter of fact, only one of the top sellers in the entire world, holding a current record of having sold more modern, innovative pizza ovens (of various types as well) than countless other brand sellers out on the exploding market. And as you will soon come to realize, if you have not already, pizza ovens are a real thing these days …. and people are out looking for them, more and more. A new trend is in play, and simply put, people want in ; they’d like to see their pizzas done differently, this time, and who doesn’t? 

It’s time to mix things up. And for those who may not know what a pizza oven can do, here’s the basic breakdown : Pizza ovens are, for many, the regular pizza - eating experience but taken to the max as they can offer a more luxury - style tasting pleasure, along with the feel of originality and tradition. Imagine eating like a Roman King back in the olden days, and that’s the same feeling that pizza oven providers like Forno Bravo wish to give you …. Along with fresh taste in knowing you got a pizza that was cooked outdoors, or perhaps with some fresh fruitwood, leaving it a delicious, unrivaled, slow - cooked flavor you can only get by flaming it up. And there’s never been anything like it to compare ; after all, they say that’s how pizza was originally eaten, and that’s when people first fell in love with its concept ….. Not like today, in which people slap that pre - made, poor - quality, greasy and often unhealthy pizza slice, right onto a microwave, push the button, and let the microwave’s radiations kill all the healthy nutrition out of the pizza …. Leaving you with junk food, and honestly, something that doesn’t even taste half as good.

But it’s not the case here with pizza ovens, and especially not so with Forno Bravo’s. With any oven this brand sells, you do get the full benefit of the doubt. Get what you pay for!

Wood - fired and gas - fired pizza brick ovens are mainly what this company sells out, and it sells in large quantities every week. People can get them for their own homes, and to save on eating out at fine pizza places that use these ovens, for instance. But businesses can also order these products and place one in their every restaurant as needed, training their employees on how to simplify their lives in the kitchen and use them best, maximizing profit as they do so. There’s many great ways these can be used, and options are truly massive. Forno Bravo delivers! 

Forno Bravo got started in business back in 2003 and has not stopped a moment since. It’s goal is to be in every home and business someday. It currently has hundreds of customers, which are actually, hundreds of thousands (more than 100,000)….. especially with the way it’s been doing business these days. Profits are going smoothly.  

And all Forno Bravo products are made in the USA; this business is pleased to say it every time. And to further add, there’s multiple positive reviews online, speaking to what a Forno Bravo oven can do. It’ll make the difference. Purchase one and you’ll get to see that for yourself. But let’s talk a bit more on these ovens, so you get a glimpse…..

First of all, and this you should know before hearing anything else, Forno Bravo is a specialist in selling two types of pizza ovens, mainly : These are its gas and wood, pre - assembled, home or personal (residential) pizza ovens, which are usually used outdoors by most of its users ; and then, there’s the gas or wood, factory - assembled, business use (commercial) pizza ovens, which are mostly used inside the business, be it a pizzeria or other type of restaurant. The residential pizza ovens, more specifically, sell in any of 6 series : the Primavera series, the Napolino series, the Andiamo series, the Toscana series, the Vesuvio series, and the Bella brand series, respectively. As for the commercial - use pizza ovens, these tend to sell in four series, which are the Modena 2G FA series, the Professionale FA series, the Napoli series, and the Roma series. 

Stefano Ferrara is the owner and maker of these pizza ovens, as well as the founder of the company. He makes each of these ovens by hand himself and oversees all further production. He is quite the busy worker as you can imagine. But he prides on having a personal hand in his own business, on every level, even the labor side of things ; that shows commitment like nothing else. 

A Forno Bravo oven of 120 cm in diameter can start at a cost of 6,500 euros ($9,042), so start saving now if you want one ; you might be able to get a used one for a little less, if there’s a provider that is willing to sell it and in good condition. Look around. Furthermore, a ‘fixed’ oven, of that same size, but that’s instead built or installed on site, can cost about 12,000 euros ($16,693). Many businesses have already realized the value and put down their purchases on one or more units. 

For healthier, more thoroughly cooked pizzas, get a Forno Bravo oven. The investment will be worth it. Your pizza experience will show it, and speak for itself. Use any kind of gas or wood you prefer.