Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven

What is it?

This is basically a product you can pack up and take with you on any of your exciting expeditions into a new camping territory, onto any beach cookout spot, or anywhere else, just about. It’ll fire up your raw pizzas in the best ‘traditional’ form and leave a good flame cook in it for hours at a time. Plus, after you’ve ignited and full cooked, the little oven can stay nice and warm, for anything else you might want to throw in later….it’s useful for so many things.

A lot of people have lately become major fans of what wood fired pizza ovens can do for them --- more flavorful wood - based cooking through slow flame, a thinner, more crisp pizza and crust, a faster cook time, healthier ignition and so much more. And now that such a product has become portable, more and more people are starting to find out about it. And it tends to be families, or even some businesses, who most purchase this sort of product….it can save them time and even energy costs.

Yes, did you consider that? Let me state it again but a little more slowly. It can save them time and even energy costs.

First of all, those who usually have to setup their full - sized, at - home (or at - restaurant) wood fired pizza oven do need to spend some time in getting things ready, then pre - heated up, beforehand. But this type of portable product will usually lessen that time and speed up the process, knowing your time is valuable. Plus, if you’re plugging it in somewhere else, you’ll be consuming someone else’s wattage; now, don’t get any crazy ideas, this is just some basic factual information you can consider…..

What can you do with it?

You can, first of all, throw in even some of the best pizzas out there (such as the neapolitan style ones, in my opinion) and have them cook in a matter of minutes. You can also quickly clean up your station, pack things up, and be back on the road in a couple minutes; then, when ready again, you can unpack, re - assemble, and get back to it even quicker. A product of this nature is innovative, user - focused, easily carryable and movable, and ultimately invaluable as a portable kitchen resource. And that’s why, in some places, you’ll see it's listed price as something above your budget….but don’t worry, some places still do offer it at a price you can bargain on. You just have to look carefully, and seize the moment of opportunity when it comes --- watch for those ‘special sales’ on models that aren’t selling as much.

You can cook, or heat up, your food in the time it takes you to put on your clothes and take a shower….depending on how fast you are at doing that, of course. For me, it’s 15 to 30 minutes, on average, and that’s the usual speed you can expect on these portable ovens. You can even put in some delicious hearth bread inside of them; they can handle it. Keep in mind that you can only use portable pizza ovens outside, in the great outdoors, generally speaking…..

However, on that note, some do let you use them inside, if they’re placed under a double - wall chimney or a specified patio cover. Keep that in mind. But most people, either way, use these outdoors and take them on the road when they need to. Even certain salesmen take these as “demos” with them, and show them off from house to house…..

Also, most of the trustworthy ones, made by the best model brands in business, tend to offer thermometers with these. Not only that, but they’ll usually also feature dome cores, domes, doors, pipes, and even side carts that are made entirely of stainless steel. How much better could it get?

How is it different from other pizza ovens?

Some of these may, on the other hand, start at lower asking bids. They come already fully - assembled and can store all their parts inside the main door, usually, so that, even when you’ve already opened the product and used it (with the heat on), you can still pack your things back inside and take to the roads. These also offer less, or smaller, insulation….as well as double - walled chimneys, in some models. They don’t all offer gas or electric or wood options combined; no hybrids are typically found as they are with larger units, which remain placed in the home or business, but some have offered it.

In addition, not only is no gas or charcoal required on these. But also, you can use the lift gate for a more convenient, easier delivery than ever before. That’s right --- you usually won’t need a forklift on these.

Any other details?

Some of these finer models can come within a high - quality, solid dome that’s been properly welded together to ensure maximum protection and security at any cost. This’ll also help to reduce the improper distribution of heat and make sure it’s best applied in the areas it needs to be. Not only that, it’ll protect from warping, which, unfortunately, does tend to occur in those cheaper portable models...those mainly using bolt - together designs within their original construction.

2” high - tech dome insulation, as well as 2” ceramic - board insulation on the floor, also comes with some of the pricier models featured today. Not only that, but you might also hope to get your full money’s worth in the high - end ceramic flooring offered in these, as well. It’s definitely something to keep your eyes and ears on the lookout for when searching a new portable unit. And for what I’ve just seen online, the price range, on the low spectrum end, for these products begins at $2,000...if you’re lucky, you might even find a way to knock that to $1,700, which would already be a major win.

But don’t expect to pay much for something of low value, or little for something of high value and cost; be prepared to make the investment if you want a truly lasting, all - efficient, portable pizza oven….and one that’s wood fired, no less. You get what you pay for. That’s the fact of it.